Sunday, August 07, 2011

Lazy B***ers

Indie :

Others arrived on foot and piled shopping trolleys high with looted televisions and other electronic goods, a woman who has lived locally for 10 years but did not want to be named said.

A member of staff at The Carphone Warehouse next door said every phone in the shop had been stolen.

The contents of the stock room were spilled across the pavement outside from the smashed in door.

Outside JD sport shop, broken mannequins lay on the ground, plastic legs and torsos scattered here and there.

The front window of Currys electrical store was smashed and smithereens of glass covered the ground outside.

Next door, Argos's door had been smashed in and broken glass covered the floor inside and out after looters apparently raided the stock room.

Discarded flat screen television boxes and other unwanted packaging covered paved areas outside the electronic goods stores.

The looters had evidently removed the products from their boxes to create more space in their shopping trolleys and cars, which were said to number up to 100.

Fragments of glass from the smashed in door of PC World littered the ground.

The scene outside Comet was similar and outside B&Q - one of the few stores that did not appear to have been looted - staff stood uncertainly, waiting to hear from head office whether they would be working today.

If employed white men had been rioting B&Q's power tool section would have been the first to go.


JuliaM said...

I wonder if the shops will be replaced? Or if people will decide 'enough's enough' and move out, making Tottenham even more of a sinkhole than it used to be?

Foxy Brown said...

Time for the Scarman and Macpherson reports to be pulped, I think.

DJ said...

The problems not the power tools, it's the tools in power.

JuliaM said...

"The problems not the power tools, it's the tools in power."


Edwin Greenwood said...

Among the images that stick in the mind from Katrina was Black people wading through the floods of New Orleans carrying their booty of plasma tellies and crates of bourbon while White people were making their way through the water carrying cartons filled with canned food and bottled water.

So it goes.

WV splacqua. Now there's a winning brand name there just waiting for someone to pick up and run with.

Edwin Greenwood said...

Alas, Foxy, it is more likely that Scarman and Macpherson will be taken dowwn from the shelf and studied closely for pointers to areas of institutionalized racism (and such other isms as might seem relevant) where further regulation and/or spending would be indicated.

Anonymous said...

Love that Laban labels this post "jobs the locals won't do" .

erm, they are the locals, this aint ya Grandfathers London.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Pound Shop in Enfield was looted. Hundreds of items were stolen.

"The cost is incalculable," said the owner.

James Higham said...

If employed white men had been rioting B&Q's power tool section would have been the first to go.

They would indeed - could vouch for that.

Foxy Brown said...

A very salutary piece from Katherine Birbalsingh on the MONA evasiveness of the print and broadcast media.

These riots were about race

Bobo said...

Repairs? DIY? That's what the council's for, innit?

bodo said...

Is England finished?

Have we been enriched to death?

Mark said...

Katharine Birbalsingh & Foxy Brown are spot-on.

The recent riots have seen MONA return with a vengeance.Also making an unwelcome comeback (on C4 news) was race hustler extraordinaire Lee Jasper, fielding a succession of soft ball questions from Guru-Murthy.

The facade the Met usually retains has been blown away in the past few nights; they now clearly resemble a routed army much more than an in-control police force. No wonder Theresa May looked so worried during her announcement today.

Anonymous said...

Lee Jasper is a bad piece of work - 'race hustler' describes him very well.

Anonymous said...

Comedy gold from DJ.

The man is a legend!