Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"Orpington College Is A Well-Known Scum-Magnet"

...according to a commenter on this story :

Dozens of college pupils were involved in violent clashes with police yesterday afternoon (November 3), forcing the closure of Orpington High Street. The trouble flared at around 5.25pm when more than 40 Orpington College students waited for a bus outside Boots in the high street. Around 15 of them boarded a route 51 before the driver shut his doors and a patrolling PCSO told the remaining teenagers they would have to wait for the next bus. But instead the youths on the pavement tried to force their way onto the bus, kicking the front and back doors. The violence quickly escalated and a 25-year-old PCSO sustained a cut above his left eye. He was taken to a south London hospital by ambulance. Two other police officers were also struck during the incident. The high street was shut for around an hour while police fought running battles with the teenagers.

Seven teenagers, all Orpington College pupils, were arrested including three 18-year-old women from Lewisham, Greenwich and Belvedere. Two boys from Lewisham and Greenwich, aged 16 and 17, were also arrested, along with a 19-year-old man from Erith. A 17-year-old girl from Dartford was also arrested during the disturbance.
Comments :

Please, Bromley Council, take a close look at this establishment and if the current ineffective leadership at the college needs replacing then please do it before someone ends up being killed. It nearly happened last year with the stabbing outside the college and things are getting worse.

We were there yesterday and saw some of what went on - these reports are not sensationalised! Orpington college is an utter disgrace to the local community and it's about time action was taken against that proportion of it's students who routinely behave like animals on their way to/from it.

Yes it is the college students,but not the local ones,always the students who travel into orpington to go to the college.

Are these students paid £30 to attend, I wonder? When this country was still sane, only the clever kids stayed on at school and went to college. Now, because the government wants to fiddle the unemployment figures, all the riff-raff are staying on and spoiling it for the students who actually want to learn.

As a paper informing the public, you need to get your facts straight!! I was on that bus! there wernt 40 pupils at the bus stop, more like 100 (and about 60 police officers) behaving like animals because they have to wait to get on. The police officer didnt get a slash to the face, he got stabbed. Every monday and tuesday this stupid behaviour happens usually resulting in the bus driver turning off the engine. the school kids in the morning have their own bus, 1 needs to be provided at 5PM for the college lot then they can do what they want to each other( which is usually fighting upstairs!) instead of making the public who actually want to get home from work wait 2 hours!!!!!! When the kids who were upstairs causing trouble had to wait to be searched as they got off the bus, the police officers were saying sorry for the inconvinience to THEM!! what about the passengers that had to wait????? Passengers who used their last money on their oyster cards had no other way of getting home, and the police wernt bothered!


JuliaM said...

The 'Mail' has it too now:

"Bromley borough commander Chief Superintendent Charles Griggs said: 'As a local resident, I share the community's concerns about the violent incidents that have occurred over the last few days.

'However, I can assure people that our investigations into all the incidents will be thorough and our operational response will be both firm and proportionate.'"

Interesting phrasing...

Anonymous said...

"Proportionate" means they won't do anything much for fear of causing offence or appearing racist.

For these are, of course, youths of no appearance.

Sgt Troy said...

The joys of diversity

Perhaps it is a case of redeploying troops on the lines Howells suggests.

At the present our army is not a tribal militia - or maybe it is our tribe; once it ceases to be all will truly be lost

Mark said...

'For these are, of course, youths of no appearance'.

I think you'll find that references to the student's home addresses as being 'Belvedere' & 'Erith' are actually euphemisms for Thamesmead.

Laban's readers will probably recall the radio 4 item broadcast in the dog days of summer which referred to Thamesmead as the 'identity fraud capital of Europe'. It even hinted that this was down to a particular ethnicity living there in large numbers! Very bold for the Beeb, but then again it was broadcast on an evening in midsummer, when most people would be out enjoying the long evenings. Is it still on BBC IPlayer by any chance ? I doubt it.

BTW the 51 bus serving the college terminates at Woolwich at the London end. Dogwash's blog frequently provides illuminating updates from that particular 'interface area' (as they say across the water).
Also BTW, the commentator who surmises that the existence of these 'students' derives principally from Broon's wonderful £30 pw 'Education Maintenance Allowance', is spot on.

Anonymous said...


Sgt Troy said...

"Boroughs with the highest numbers of gang rapes include Lambeth, Croydon, Newham, Southwark, Westminster and Hackney.
The Met has commissioned research from Dr Miranda Horvath, a lecturer in forensic psychology at the University of Surrey.
She is focusing on the "cultural context" of gang rape and speaking to officers from forces across Britain and the United States. "

The cant phrases they do come out with, "cultural context" if you please!

Anonymous said...

Boroughs with the highest numbers of gang rapes include Lambeth, Croydon, Newham, Southwark, Westminster and Hackney.

I think you should be careful Sgt Troy. That sounds like a Hatefact.

Alex said...

I am a student at the college, and I am distressed at the level of stereotype being dished out in most of your comments. The vast majority of students at the college are decent, hard-working, model citizens. It is only a small minority of students that tend to cause trouble. Just as if you were to walk into a town centre on a Friday night, the majority of people are out to have a good night but, as always there is always a small minority of people that will cause trouble and start fights, many of these are generally older than any college student (16-19).
To label Orpington College as a "Scum magnet" is an utter disgrace, quoted fro only one person, whom happened to witness one event, that involved some Orpington college students. Orpington College has a very large catchment area which is why the college is so diverse, in turn behaviour from certain people will be as different, it is human nature after all. I have read through most of the comments on this page and am unsure whether people have got the facts straight, granted some students did behave appallingly,but the way the police behaved just exacerbated the situation and escalated the event, most of the story has been blown out of proportion and sides have already been taken. For example The police were very violent in conducting the way that the students were removed from the bus, one girl even had her head driven into the bus stop, by a male police officer; might I add. Many people do not acknowledge the positive effect that the College has on the local area, i.e. student volunteers help with disabled children on various projects, and many extra curricular activities are available that are greatly beneficial to the local area. All I ask is that you do not stereotype all students of the college and look at all sides of a story before you judge, after all everyone as a citizen of Britain is under the rule of law. (innocent until proven guilty and everyone is equal). Sincerely, Alex.

Silence said...

I have no idea who you are Alex, but I think you're wonderful.

I might try and stalk you on Monday.

I am clearly scum, with my straight As at AS-Level, and recommendation for services outside the college...

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