Saturday, November 07, 2009


Roy Hattersley, Labour MP for Sparkbrook 1964-1997, on representing his voters.

For most of my 33 years in Westminster, I was able to resist Sparkbrook's demands about the great issues of national policy – otherwise, my first decade would have been spent opposing all Commonwealth immigration and my last calling for withdrawal from the European Union.

Of course the voters of his last decade weren't the voters of his first decade.

UPDATE - and then he writes this. I hate to sound like Sgt Troy, but is hanging too good for him ?


Andrew K said...

Slightly off topic, but is there or has there been a Mrs Hattersley?

Reefknot said...

Typical of Labour ( and many other ) MPs. Fact is, they are not elected to do what they want or what their political club ( Party ) wants. They are elected to do what their constituents want. If MPs don't do what their constituents want, what the hell's the point in electing them ? Hattersley is effectively saying he has been misrepresenting his constituents for the last 30 years ! Talk about treachery - time for lamposts and piano wire eh ?

staybryte said...

I believe that Samuel L. Jackson once concluded a sales pitch (Jackie Brown?) with the rallying call: "For when you absolutely, positively have to kill every last Mother****** in the room."

(staybryte concludes allusion to his current mood)

The cognitive dissonance of the likes of Hattersley is beyond inexplicable. Funnily enough, I actually believe him when he professes his love of an England he has dedicated his entire life to destroying. I think he just can't reconcile the two in his head.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that this sort of admission from one of these people a few years ago would not have produced such a strong response from commentators. I think we are waking up. This is because the issue of race has been confused and continues to be. Years ago anti-racism was a stand against wanton cruely to innocent people who because of their low numbers needed friends. The whole scapegoat thing. It was the same disgust you felt if you met a boy at school who liked pulling legs off spiders or blowing up frogs with a straw. Obviously ignoble sadistic, un-necessary and sick. The antis potrtay their enemies in this way still and its a really good sound bite technique - something the right is not so good at. Of course this is entirely separate from the issue of 'rights of indigenous peoples in their nation state'. What the 'truth' was all along is the debate too now. This guy surely strengthens the conspiracy not cock up theory. I bet he really regrets saying this now we have the internet. Or maybe he is acutally proud of what he has done.

Mercurius Aulicus said...
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Mercurius Aulicus said...

Roy Hattersley writes: "I am an English patriot."

Reminds me of the words of Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Sgt Troy said...

"Talk about treachery - time for lamposts and piano wire eh ?"

Well at least I don't do piano way. that is very un-English, reefknot

Hattersley is a very considerable idiot; the comprehensive education folly he has long advocated is proof positive of that.

But of course it goes beyond idiocy, staybryte is surely correct when he considers this mad left-liberalism to be a disease. I wouldn't have thought Hattersley a malignant as such - unlike the current Zanu regime who, as the Sunday Times reveals today plotted with malice aforethought to destroy the nation. This reminds me of Charles I's treachery uncovered by the discovery of his papers after Naseby - when he plotted to bring sundry foreign armies into England.

I would regard Hattersley as sick in the head and deluded; Methodism and Marxism is a putrid combination(so is Marx and Manse as we see with the mad Prime Mentalist). Of course there is much of the weasel in hATTERS make up - as evidenced by his attempted "compromise" when Rushdie was so upsetting his favoured community.

Certainly it is quite unconscionable that he should seek to make even more money out of his supposed love for the country he did so much to destroy

Grant said...


Hanging? Even by your standards, a bit harsh surely.

I can understand that, as someone who spends most of his blogging energy telling the world what a god-forsaken hole Britain is and what a revolting lot the British are, it must be pretty galling to read an article as exuberantly (if, for my taste, somewhat cloyingly) patriotic as this one. And I know, from reading you and similar bloggers, that it is very fashionable these days to denigrate Britain and the British - but praising one's country to be a capital offence? A bit much, I think.

Nick Drew said...

It was Tub-of-Lard Hattersley who wrote:

I refuse to believe that there are young girls who deliberately become pregnant in order to get a council flat. And even if I am wrong, the fact that I refuse to believe it does me credit

yoy said...

Grant, I am typing this very slowly in an attempt to help you understand;
the point of this post is that Hattersley is eulogising the very country that Laban and others feel he has done his best to destroy.


Grant said...


No need to type slowly - I'm well aware of Laban's position. I've been following this blog for pretty much five years, and if he's had a good word to say about Britain or the British in all that time, then I must have missed it. It is hardly surprising then that he should take umbrage at Hattersley daring to commit the ultimate thought crime of thinking nice thoughts about his native land.

As for Hattersley doing his 'best to destroy' the country - what, from his citadel on Mount Doom? Please. He's a washed up political has-been whose greatest achievement arrived well over 30 years ago in the truly forgettable Callaghan government when he was Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Protection - a position as generally useless as its demise is unmourned. The thought of him trying to destroy anything other than a few cream buns is a joke.

Anonymous said...

I blame his constituents. Dumb f*ckwits. Its not as if Hattersley kept quite about his moronic opinions all these years is it?

Hattersley is one of those mad idealists that believes he has made Britain greater because it is closer to his ideals. The fact that his idealism has reduced the country to some sort of Kafkaesque dystopia he is not capable of perceiving. Still, he and his kind have built up the very dam behind which enormous pressures are now building. I don't know what the wreckage will look like when the dam bursts, but it should be pretty spectacular. Judging by the route that Cameron has led the Tories on I give it 5 years before the dam finally ruptures.

fellist said...

Yes, hanging is far too good for him.

Remember this little beaut?

I took the Muslim vote for granted - but that has all changed