Monday, November 02, 2009


While I do have some sympathy with MPs over the idiocy that's now taking over the expenses saga (what's wrong with employing your wife ? Do you have to sack your secretary if you marry her?) , I'm not quite sure that we're late-30s Germany yet, with MPs as Jews.

Ross has the perfect line for the MP who drew this infelicitous parallel.


AgainsTTheWall said...
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Sgt Troy said...

Obviously this is the self-pitying whining of a toad but I'm afraid it well illustrates the poverty of what passes for historical discourse in this country.

Thanks to the woeful Marxist dominated "education" system it is the only analogy to hand - this anti-fash cultural liberalism has been elevated to state religion.

It gets deployed in the most absurd manner and upon all occasions, a traffic warden gives you a ticket and he is immediately designated a fascist

Most perniciously it means that the replacement of the indigenous people in their own country is difficult to resist because it brings down a mentally retarded barrage of "racist, fascist, nazi!)

This is grotesque given that it was the Germans who did these awful things and not us.

Roll on the coup

AgainsTTheWall said...

Id be interested to know why my post was deleted?

Would it have stood if it had 'defamed' Muslims or white boys?

Are you so certain that the thrust of the post is untrue?