Friday, August 28, 2009

Quotes of the Day

The Dumb One on the Blessed Edward Kennedy.

Mocking the dead? How low can you go?

Depends on how deep the water is, obviously.

Also this quote via Booker Rising.

"If there's any justice, Mary Jo will get a chance to face her former suitor & knee him in the balls on his way down to hell."

More, on the politics, via Booker here :

I hated Kennedy in part because I regarded him as a man who sought to discredit the very concept of self-reliance. This was an ideological hatred; I’d like to think that it never became personal in my case, but for so many of my fellow conservatives, it clearly did. This is why some folks are now taking perverse delight in Kennedy’s demise. The same things being said about Obama today in conservative circles — that he’s anti-American, that he seeks to destroy the Constitution, that he couldn’t care less about unborn children — were said about Kennedy on a near-daily basis over the past forty-seven years. These were remarks borne of frustration and fury; underneath such hostile words was a desperation, a desperation caused by the reality that Kennedy knew how to remake America in his own lefty image, and that conservatives didn’t know how to stop him.

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