Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Quote of the Day

You can hardly believe that
Britain’s indigenous population is fairly advanced along the road towards long-term decline.

So the latest figures are a source of hope — showing that relatively fertile immigrants can, at least for a while, replenish the new generation of young people the country needs. In these circumstances, population fear-mongering is a kind of terrorism ...".
The ONS figures are here. Fertility is up, again. The tipping point was reached a few years back, when the long decline in native fertility, driven by the cultural revolution of the 60s and 70s, was outmatched by the fertility of incomers. Expect this continuing trend to accelerate. Compound interest is a wonderful thing.

The story of immigration and the Blair years can be seen in the percentages of births to foreign-born mothers - in this spreadsheet. According to the sheet, the figures are for the whole UK, so Lord knows what the England and Wales figures are like :

1998 - 13.6%
2002 - 17.7%
2003 - 18.6%
2004 - 19.5%
2005 - 20.8%
2006 - 21.9%
2007 - 23.2%
2008 - 24.1%

Interesting times - for my old age and my children's whole lives.


Ross said...

Felipe Fernandez Armesto makes me wonder whether the Atlanta Police Department had the right idea.

I was reading his book "Civilisations" a few months ago in which he argue that all cultures are worthy of the tiitle civilization regardless of whether they have built the Parthenon or whether they live in mud huts occasionally sacrificng virgins to the Sun God. (I paraphrase).

Malthebof said...

Not just for England & Wales Laban, I would like to see the figures for London & perhaps the SE of England. Whenever any news programme goes into schools in London, they might as well be in Africa or Bangladesh, hardly a white pupil in sight.

Sgt Troy said...
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Stan said...

I wonder what the current population of the UK would be if we hadn't terminated 6,000,000 unborn children over the last 40 years?

mark said...


The ONS site has the London details you are after (broken down by borough)(follow the link in the main post).

Out of 170,000 babies born to foreign mothers in 2008, 70,000 of them are in Greater London. There were 127,000 births in London making births to foreign born mothers 55% of all births.

That said the percentage of"foreign-born" mothers is problematic as a proxy for ethnicity of the child.

50,000 of the 170,000 foreign born mothers were born in Europe and I suspect a fair chunk of the 18,000 born to mothers born outside, africa, asia and Europe will be of European extraction also (i.e presumably the Americas and Australasia).

Since they don't provide statistics for the ethnicity of the British born mothers or on interracial babies assessing ethnicity is guesswork really.

For London if you add the BME mothers (whatever that percentage is) to the foreign born mothers then its clear that the percentage of babies born to non-BME british born mothers is very small (10-20%??).

fellist said...

It is hard to believe that the news presenters (journalists?) that presented these statsistics as a return to normal, nowt to worry about story believed what they were saying. Very hard...

Mark said...

'It is hard to believe that the news presenters (journalists?) that presented these statsistics as a return to normal, nowt to worry about story believed what they were saying'. Indeed.

I also found it interesting that on the 10PM Beeb report last night, the only pointy head interviewed was Tim Finch of the 'left leaning IPPR'. A comment from someone at Migrationwatch should also have been elicited on 'balance' grounds, but wasn't. Isn't the licence fee a wonderful thing ?

The IPPR are cheerleading about net migration 'declining sharply'. But even at last years much reduced rate, net migration will add an extra 1.1 million to our already overcrowded island over the next decade.

Anonymous the 1st said...

It seems like only yesterday the media were telling us that immigration is falling (only 180,000 newcomers this year!) and today we are told we are all breeding like rabbits. Except it is not us white Brits of Christian descent that are breeding like rabbits. It is the new Brits of Bangladesh and Pakistan descent, statistically inseperable from the rest that are now breeding so fast they have had an impact on the overall figures.

Obviously the government is living in fear that the white population will click on to what is happening and hopes to counter it with some well-placed spin in the compliant media.

Can't keep a lid on it for ever - the pressure behind the dam is building up. Even moving to the Cotswolds won't save you from confronting what's happening now....

Sgt Troy said...

There is too much despair on here.

If commie traitors can be destroyed - by the army shooting them out of hand, by execution following summary proceedings, by working them to death in labour camps and by expelling them from the realm - then the prospects will be so much brighter. If condign examples are made then liberal dupes can be coerced into rationality.

Don't forget that the Islamic invaders currently occuy a minute percentage of the surface area of our land.

Once treason is extirpated, then the nation can be saved

BNP tactics are correct, because the maggots are being forced nto false moves - the fake kidnapping in Loughton, the UAF incitement of Pakistanis in Birmingham.

Our story is not done, kill the cancer and the patient will be saved.

The economics are key, so is Afghanistan - because Fukiyama's demented notions of the end of history are being played out there

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the US. Does anyone have any figures on the native, white British fertility rate? It would be pretty interesting to see those figures for London, England, and Britain as a whole. Also, does anyone have anyone have the white, native born fertility rates for other European countries? The only one I have seen is Holland, which is 1.5.

Anonymous said...

Only where babies were shown in tye news clips.

Anonymous said...

That should read:only white babies were shown in the news clips.


Rob said...

The Times reads like the Guardian these days.

As for the IPPR and the BBC, this is the first time I can recall the BBC even giving them a designation. Before they have been known as "the IPPR". "Left-leaning" is a joke, they are a socialist authoritarian factory for disasters like ID cards. The BBC has the cheek to brand the Taxpayers Alliance as "right-wing".

Mark said...

Felipe Fernández-Armesto also writes in his article-' Neo-fascists in Britain still scare voters with images of a 'small island' overrun by unwanted people'.
And court historians to the Murdoch empire still poison the well by implying concerns about immigration are the preserve of 'neo-fascists.'

'The Times reads like the Guardian these days.' Undoubtedly. Check out yesterdays leader 'Born in the UK', and the headline to Richard Ford's article 'Flood of migrants slows to trickle as recession hits lure of UK'. Hmmm... so according to the Thunderer a net immigration flow projected to add a million to our population in a decade can be called a 'trickle' ??

fellist said...

If the misrulers say that only racists and fascists believe Europeans ought not be race-replaced, they will make racists and fascists out of all decent people.

Laban said...

US Anonymous - "Does anyone have any figures on the native, white British fertility rate? "

Only these official government estimates from 2001 or thereabouts.

Sgt Troy said...


There was an article on the BNP site a few months ago where a whistleblowing consultant submitted documentation to the party showing that overall the number of indigenous births were now approaching 50% of the total.

I was disappointed that you deleted my post which argued that we need a Cromwell plus figure - maybe General Dannatt could fit the bill. As we are being ssytematically annihilated it is obvious that the nice guy approach is suicide

Anonymous said...

Sarge - I dont want you to stop commenting at Laban's but it would be great if you also had your own blog.

I would certaily check it out everyday.