Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beverley Lunt Is Back

Remember Judge Beverley Lunt - famed among the commentariat of Lancashire for her willingness to give the poor benighted career criminal just one more chance, though it may be chance 150 ?

She's at it again, garnering predictable responses.


"it is lucky he was not smoking in a pub.....he really would have been in trouble then"

"I just hope that one day soon this idiot of a judge comes home from work and finds that her house has been ransacked, all her drawers rifled through and her jewellry and all other valuables taken along with any sentimental items that she has ..."

"As soon as i saw the headline i started to look for 'Lunt the ****' as being the judge."

I thought trying to bribe witnesses to change their evidence was a jail offence. It strikes at the roots of justice and should be one of the most heavily punished of all crimes.

Ms Lunt doesn't agree.

"Mad Judge Lunt strikes again..."