Saturday, January 19, 2008

Underclass News - South London

Comment is superfluous on this one :

On Tuesday the Old Bailey heard that Mr Edwards had been due to attend Camberwell Magistrates' Court on January 19, 2007. Instead he spent the day with his girlfriend, shoplifting and selling stolen goods to buy crack cocaine before robbing another dealer that night and buying drugs. At 6.30am the next day he and two friends went to buy drugs from Anthony Lafayette at his girlfriend's flat in Poulet House on the St Martin's Estate, Tulse Hill, but jurors heard the defendant was angry at being woken so early.

Mr Kyte said: "An argument broke out between the two men and during the course of that argument the defendant armed himself with a pretty big kitchen knife and stabbed Michael Edwards in the neck."

And I mentioned a while back (inter alia) the murder of Anthony Hoare.

His killer, Leslie Kingshott, pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Kingshott, 43, of Maskells Court, Victoria Way, has a criminal history spanning 27 years including offenses of racial abuse.

An all-round bad hat then, who'll richly deserve his long sentence.

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years after admitting manslaughter, but Common Serjeant of London Brian Barker QC said he would serve only half his sentence.

Because he has already served four months on remand he will be free in 11 months. From the gallery, Mr Hoare's partner Rob Bowen, 45, shouted: "That's so wrong, that's so wrong. How can you sleep at night? That's not justice."

Mr Bowen is correct. Anthony Hoare was killed for asking Mr Kingshott to keep his dogs under control in the pub.

How about this one :

Dean Forde, 22, had been arguing with Paul Doohan before he repeatedly attacked him at the former Wimbledon House School in Dorset Road, the Old Bailey heard. His girlfriend Suzanne Jimenez, 33, joined in the attack on November 20, 2006 and kicked Mr Doohan in the head, it is claimed. Forde stripped Mr Doohan's body and wrote the words "mug", "remember" and "you c***" on his chest and arm, said prosecutor Carey Ann Johnston QC. After the murder, Jimenez tried to cover for her boyfriend by claiming he had been with her at her flat in Durham Road, Raynes Park, at the time of the killing.

It's this bit that gets me :

The court heard the two defendants and the victim were part of a group of drinkers who lived "alternative lifestyles" and were well known in the area around Wimbledon railway station.


JuliaM said...

"Mr Hoare's partner Rob Bowen, 45, shouted: "That's so wrong, that's so wrong. How can you sleep at night? That's not justice.""

I suppose he was lucky the judge didn't send him to the cells for his outburst.

"...part of a group of drinkers who lived "alternative lifestyles"..."

Words fail me...

Anonymous said...

You could spend the rest of your life trawling through the South London news for a portrait of what a nightmare this country has become. What a dark, dark, place.

Anonymous said...

15 months, what a horrible joke. I guarantee he will only serve 12, the last three being 'tagged' and able to go where and do what he wants.

Our criminal 'justice' system has nothing but contempt for us, it's victims.

Anonymous said...

In Kingshott's long life of crime you specifically mention 'racial abuse' - has this become the ultimate horror crime that you pick it out?

Laban said...

No, that was the newspaper reporter.

I'm one of those old-fashioned types who thinks that assaulting or robbing someone is worse than being rude to them.

Anonymous said...

if the politicos want a dictatorship, all that have to do is ease back on law enforcement.

so when they provide the "answer" , you will lap it up.

keep that in mind folks. and that is exactly what they are doing now./