Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Have A Vision Of The Future, Chum Part 283

One of my hobbyhorses is that as the native Brits age, and more and more of the young people are non-natives, so you'll get at best a cultural divide between the elderly inhabitants of a hospital or care home (the kind of cultural divide which so distresses our rulers in relation to the police) and those employed to care for or nurse them, at worst the kind of stuff I picked up here, here and here.

This from Tom Reynolds :

The staff don't say anything, but I get the distinct impression that they have been getting tired of this patient being awake while they are at work. If all your patients are sleeping then the night shift has little to do. If this patient has been awake, then they actually have to talk to him. In a lot of the nursing homes that I've been to the nursing staff don't like talking to the patients.

In a fair few nursing homes that I've been to the staff and the patients rarely share a language, and so everyone just 'gives up'.