Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sorry about the delay ...

Busy, busy, busy. Just too tired to blog when I finally get some time - around 11pm most nights.

I've been planning a post about the 2001 Bradford riots, and just how close we came to a mass race murder of the sort unknown in England (to my knowledge - please correct me if I'm wrong), though not in the subcontinent, since perhaps York in 1190 or St Brice's Day 1002.

In researching it I came across the work of a Bradford Uni academic, one Marie Macey. She's a remarkably brave woman, writing about Muslim males in a town like Bradford. What happened to Ray Honeyford ?

Some of her stuff is available on Google books.

Take a look at her chapter in Islam, Crime and Criminal Justice and at what's available of her chapter in 'Islamic Political Radicalism - A European Perspective'.

Best read in conjuction with my posts on Bradford race relations, the Lidget Green riots and the cleansing of Lumb Lane. Interesting stuff.