Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Little Lamb, Who Kicked Thee Over A Cliff ?

Some wee scumbag from County Durham, that's who.

The boys had entered the field and began chasing a flock of sheep, including lambs. As the cruel game escalated, the boys started striking the animals with sticks and corralling them closer to the edge of the quarry. In the culmination of the incident, Mr Thomas told the court how one of the boys managed to catch a trapped lamb, and kicked it off the edge of the cliff.

Mr Thomas then passed a photograph of the dead lamb to the 12-year-old boy, who started to cry.

That sort of thing can happen to the best of people, mind you. I was drinking cider down at the old malthouse with Gable Oak last winter, and he told me this sad story.


Anonymous said...

"Mr Thomas then passed a photograph of the dead lamb to the 12-year-old boy, who started to cry.

He said he had only hit out at the flock of sheep with sticks in self-defence, as the sheep had charged the boys when they were cornered."

Hmm, not the best defence I've ever heard...

"All three boys were ordered to pay £35 each to compensate the farmer, £20 costs and each received a six-month referral order."

Ah, that'll teach them! Who says we are too soft on youthful offenders..? (sarcasm off)

paul ilc said...

Cruelty to animals is the 'default setting' for young male homo sapiens. I did appalling things to wasps, newts, fish, frogs, (wild) mice/rats etc when I was a nipper - for which, incidentally, I was soundly beaten by my pater and also my housemaster.

So, perhaps, these boys may yet become fine, upstanding British citizens. However, their derisory sentence for the destruction of someone else's property (aggravated by cruelty to animals) is hardly likely to encourage them to achieve this goal. And the probable parental indifference will only compound the moral deficiency in their upbringing.

To socialise and civilise young male homo sapiens, physical punishment is essential. Without the possibility of beatings, they will never learn basic moral standards -- or their Greek and Latin verbs!!!

Anonymous said...

^ So basically you're in favour of the cane in schools? Sorry to say that the majority of modern leftie teachers probably wouldn't agree with you. Which is a shame because I know some of my friends wouldn't have the attitudes they have towards teachers if they knew they were going to get a whack as a penalty.

Anonymous said...

Did he look at his defence counsel before he burst into tears or was it pre-arranged?