Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Human Rights - The Struggle Continues

A mother serving life for murdering her baby son will sue prison bosses for refusing her a native American drum so she can talk to the dead. Chah Oh-Niyol Kai Whitewind says wardens at Low Newton prison, in Durham, are violating her human rights because they will not allow her to keep potions, spell books and a peace pipe in her cell.

The Birmingham mother-of-three was jailed for life in 2003 for suffocating her 12-week-old son, Bidziil, because he would not breast-feed.


"This prison, like many others, has an unwritten policy of pagan persecution. I have been refused and denied possession of religious items. I have faced hostility and disregard over my religious practices and festivals, and I have encountered bullying from inmates and staff due to my faith. I am not abusive to staff or inmates. So why should there be so many difficulties facing me ? Either some members of staff see me as a threat because of my perceived intelligence, or they see me as a threat because they do not understand the way I choose to live my life."

Or they see you as a baby-killing lunatic. Don't forget that option.

A Prison Service spokesman said: "There are certain religious artefacts pagan prisoners may be allowed in their cells, but each is subject to risk assessment. These artefacts include items such as a hoodless robe, a flexible twig and rune stones. These can only be used in their cell or during communal worship -they cannot be worn or used in any other areas of the prison."

Hmmm. Obviously not the only lunatic in the prison.

(Chah Oh-Niyol Kai Whitewind should ponder the fate of Nuit Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith, daughter of the occultist Aleister Crowley. When Nuit died in infancy an acquaintance commented that she'd died of "acute nomenclature.")


Anonymous said...

"...why should there be so many difficulties facing me ?"

The age old cry of the psychopath. Me, me, me....

Anonymous said...

She should wake up each day and give thanks that she hasnt been hanged (or whatever) as she deserves. Anything good that happens on top of that has to be a bonus.

So Id shut my mouth if I were her.

Anonymous said...

i met Kai white-wind whilst working for a charity which help re-habilitate prisoners. i think your views are very narrow minded and rude and there are always two sides to a story. due to my job i have to keep an open mind as every prisoner claims their innocence. but you also have to remember she is still a mother grieving the loss of her child, and she is still only human. i can assure you she is NOT a psychopath and does face bullying every day.I found her to be a kind hearted woman who always put others before herself.
Please do not think that i condone anything that she may or may not have done but please remember it is always easier to slag someone off when they are not here to defend themselfs.

Laban said...

"she is still a mother grieving the loss of her child"

There's an obvious answer to that one.

Anonymous said...

perhaps the above charity worker would like to be slightly less closeminded herself and wake the hell up. This woman would not have been convicted unless the evidence was enough to do so in a case of this magnitude. I no all the details of this case and know of ALL the evidence against her believe me there was more than enough proof.
Let me tell you that 'kind hearted' people do not KILL their children and that you are simply being hoodwinked like everyone else who has ever come into contact with her. as far as i am concerned i know the FACTS not you and i should suggest that your charity advise you to be slightly less nieve when dealing with people who as far as i am concerned deserve no human rights when they take life and the right to live from others. To all those reading this i can assure you she IS a psychopath and deserves everything she gets. And let us also not forget there is also a father to this child and family who are having to grieve and deal with the knowledge that she stole him from them, they deserve our sympathy not her. how can you be so patheticly stupid to say that she is always putting others first when she killed her child, was she thinking about him.... and as for it being easier to slag someone off when they cant defend themself, the child will never have that right so why should she.

Lisa J said...

Ok,I too have met this individual. It would be fair to say that she is a woman who knows how to manipulate and work the system and people to her advantage, it is also fair to say that she does a lot for other prisoners in Holloway and that she is a very giving person, someone that will always go all out to do the best for others. She faces ridicule and bullying on a daily basis.
My opinion on whether or not she is guilty or not guilty is neither here nor there, look at the cases of Sally Clark and Angela Cannings.