Sunday, July 29, 2007

Judge Dorrian's At It Again

Given that she considers probation to be a suitable sentence for kicking a grandmother to death, Lady Leeona Dorrian's been remarkably punitive here.

He was punched in the face as he lay on the ground before the backpacker took a run and jumped full force on his head, the court heard. Virbickas checked on the condition of the soldier before stamping hard on his face up to 10 times, then kicking the unconscious man.

Levi Virbickas' victim spent seven weeks on hospital with brain bleeding and a fractured skull. He's been invalided out of the army.

Four years. He'll be out in two.

Really tough sentences - like five years - Lady Dorrian continues to reserve for the bad guys who drive drunk.

Leeona Dorrian, QC, told Fox: "A young life has not only been cut short, but your own destroyed by these actions. I recognise the remorse felt by you and the genuine sorrow and regret you have expressed, but there were serious aggravating factors involving both excessive speed and excessive alcohol and driving in the knowledge of your drinking."

The two guys were both drinking together, the deceased got into the car with the villain, and neither were wearing seatbelts. Call me out of touch, but I still think killing middle-aged women in a row over a parking space, or jumping on a man's head, are worse crimes. Ms Dorrian doesn't.

And if stamping on an unconscious man's face isn't a serious aggravating factor, what is ?

UPDATE - Levi Virbickas really is a tosser.


Anonymous said...

She would have given him six years but he pleaded guilty.

What a load of bollocks, surely its attempted murder. He should be sitting down and tucking into a 10 to 15 stretch at least.

I dont know when this worthless little turd was first arrested but if it was back in November then he has already done 9 months. So he could be out in 1 year 3 months.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the motivation for the attack was? I cant find anything on the web about this.

Malthebof said...

Another fine example of the unelected liberal elite who are not accountable for their actions.

Anonymous said...

"Does anyone know what the motivation for the attack was? I cant find anything on the web about this."

Most of these street assaults don't require anything so mundane as a 'motivation' on the part of the vicious thugs.....

Anonymous said...


From afar I received ill reports on Ms Leeona Dorrian who I am informed by Mrs Eirlys Lloyd had an affair with her husband Mr Ian Smith which it is said directly led to their divorce – Mrs Lloyd fondly describes Leeona as ‘slapper Dorrian’ and relates how Leeona’s affair with Lord MacLean (currently an Inner House judge) nearly led to his own marriage break-up. Mrs Lloyd suggests that it is Leeona’s expertise in the horizontal position rather than her legal acumen which facilitated her judicial standing – Personally I have no private knowledge but if Leeona is as promiscuous as Mrs Lloyd suggests then perhaps a Majorcan villa might come in handy.

Anonymous said...

When you take a running jump onto the face of an unconscious prone figure, that has to be attempted murder.

As for actually serving two years, I reckon he will be unlucky to serve that. The 'overcrowding crisis' will see him out within 18 months, tops. A probation board will loftily declare him to no longer be a danger to society and he'll be out.

With a bit of luck some soldiers will "do unto him what he hath done to another".

Anonymous said...

A very similar sort of attack, albeit one which did end with the victim's death, caused Francis "Flossie" Forsyth to hang in 1960 (aged 18). I don't agree with the death penalty myself but it does show how seriously we don't take this sort of violence not all that long after we took it very seriously indeed.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Forsyth case - there was a lot of comment at the time about his age being a mitgating factor. Unfortunately it didn't help his innocent victim ,Alan Jee, who himself was only 23. An accomplice of Forsyth's - Norman Harris was also hung- while two other teenage gang members got life. The worse thing we ever did was abolishing capital punishment for such crimes.

Anonymous said...

I studied the case of Francis "Flossie" Forsyth and although only 18, I feel he and Norman Harris 23 were justly hanged for the vicious killing of Allan Jee also 23 a decent hard working young man who had everything to live for. At the time Forsyth casually stated he would only get about five years, he had no remorse. The other two thugs Chris Darby aged 20 who was lookout and Terrence Lutt 17 who also used violence but was too young to hang were given life sentences but were both released after ten years.

Anonymous said...

Most judges are getting soft and pussyfooting about, but she seems to be completely inconsistent as well