Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What Does A Teacher Do To Get Suspended ?

"selling cigarettes to under-age pupils at the school where she was teaching" - Kent. Not only that, but she'd bought them duty free !

Fiona Forster, 43, of Tunbridge Wells, was booted out of her job at Meopham School in Kent after CCTV film of her allegedly taking cash from pupils in exchange for cigarettes was shown to a panel at General Teaching Council (GTC).

This enterprising woman is now teaching in the private sector.

Attending the Tehran Holocaust conference - Sweden.

"The teacher, identified as Jan Bernhoff, had given a lecture where he alleged that 300,000 Jews died in the Holocaust during World War II as opposed to the number of six million commonly used by academics."

Public lewdness - America. I think it's called indecent exposure here.

Hitting your son's basketball coach - ditto.

"The Westmont superintendent said school officials will need more information about the fight before making a final decision on Harrigan's status." Number of previous bouts ? Age, height and reach ?

Smearing paint on your bottom, applying it to canvas - then putting the video on Youtube.

Thank heavens for the more traditional extra-mural activities.


Anonymous said...

One suspects that you wouldn't like to draw this inference, Laban, but isn't it odd the way violent conduct or giving dangerous products to kids supposedly in your care (and who have been taught to respect you) is punished in precisely the same way that expressing certain historical opinion is? Why is the establishment threatened as much by Holocaust research as it is by a teacher causing her pupils serious physical harm? What precisely are they so bloody shit-scared of us proles finding out about the Nazi war crimes?

Well, I'm a child-abuser as far they're concerned (

Laban said...

Frankly Alez I give not the proverbial about expressing historical opinions, as far as I'm concerned people can say what they like about the Shoah - or indeed any other subject.

Whether we should take any notice or not is another, completely different question.

Anonymous said...

That's your right, Laban. This is a Free Country in the Free World, an' we yah dam' sure we ain't gonna let the Ayhrabs stop it.

But that does rather side step the question of *why* Holocaust revisionists are clamped down on so much. Why is it so essential that Hitler be remembered as The Worst Tyrant (TM), and damn the facts, rather than simply as an ordinarely nasty one? Until the Holocaust is re-examined, openly argued about, its central figures revised all over the place, and several of its key personages dragged through the mud (as happens with all other areas of historical inquiry), will I accept what we are being served up as history rather than fairy-tales.

If, as I and others suspect, you are yourself Jewish, then please remember that your right to life, and that of your race, is not predicated on the nastiness done to you by the sybarite, Austrian, black-haired and brown-eyed German-Arian-Superman-wannabe.

Anonymous said...

End of para.2: "will I" should be "I won't"