Sunday, December 17, 2006


Light blogging due to

a) Christmas present getting

b) wedding anniversary. Gosh. It's flown by.

c) sealing a wooden bedroom floor - not so time-consuming, but emptying the room and finding somewhere to put everything was. Last coat tomorrow inshallah then get the curtains up and move the bed in. Just need to find a carpet, about 8 by 8, burgundy-ish, with a border, to put the bed on ... rest of the room will be bare boards with a few rugs. Old Habitats die hard.

d) work

in that order. A pity when there's so much to blog about.


Anonymous said...

Remarkable candour.

All the best with all that.

Laban said...

You're right Bruce. The children think I've always been a crusty old Victorian Dad. Best keep it that way to avoid confusion.

Anonymous said...

Haha, secret's safe w' moi ...