Friday, October 20, 2006

Teaching In Bristol - Can You Handle It ?

Two stories from today's BBC news.

A female teacher suffered a broken jaw and a male teacher was attacked with a 950,000-volt stun gun, in an assault outside a Bristol school.

The woman was punched in the face when she went to help the male teacher as he was attacked with the stun gun and punched to the ground.

The attack took place outside Ashton Park school, Bower Ashton, as the teachers left during the lunch break.

A primary school pupil in Bristol has been suspended after threatening his headteacher with a knife. The headteacher was not injured in the incident, which happened at the Two Mile Junior School in the Kingswood area of the city on Thursday.

The nine year old is understood to have brandished the blade during a lesson.


Anonymous said...

That nine year old - at least he didnt say anything racist or else he might get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

The Ashton Park attacker, described as mixed-race. Thats relief then, no racial angle at least.

Anonymous said...

Relieved to hear that the teachers didn't hit back at either of the can get into BIG trouble for that.

Anonymous said...

nice to see that the "Viper Defender" in the photo has a "CE" mark on it. Whilst it hails from South Africa, and is a Section 5 firearm in the UK, it has obviously been legally imported into another EC country. Glad to know that it conforms to the safety regs and qualifies for a "CE" mark!!