Thursday, October 05, 2006

Open Letter To The Commentariat


While I understand and appreciate the causes of the anger and distress (well, some of them, anyway ;-)) which motivate some of the people leaving comments here - there's absolutely no need for stuff like 'muzzie scum'. Kindly keep the party clean, best of order and all that.

First of all it's gratuitously offensive. As I've said more than once, I admire Muslims who take their religion seriously - as the British once did. Secondly, even were that kind of stuff justified - which it isn't - it's very poorly targeted.

Mr Basha isn't the problem - he's just a symptom of the problem. The problem is Mr Basha's employers, who in the final analysis is us.

We are the problem. Half the point of this blog (the other half being keeping my blood pressure within bounds and the TV screen intact) is trying to reach out to those many Guardianistas and educated liberals, people like I used to be only a few years back, who are starting to have doubts about what's happened and what will happen to the United Kingdom in general, and England in particular. They need to understand "how the malice of the wicked is reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous; how the counsels of prudence and restraint may become the prime agents of mortal danger; how the middle course adopted from desires for safety and a quiet life may be found to lead direct to the bull's-eye of disaster".

Many of them are just beginning their journey, cutting adrift from the thoughts and habits of comfortable liberalism. Fronting them with language which sits better on stormfront is a disservice to what I'm trying to do.

I don;t kid myself that a blog with 700-odd regular readers is going to change the world. I'm just doing what I can, as best I can. If I find that the comments are detracting from that, out they go. Which would be a pity - I get much valuable stuff from them and I'm grateful.

Back to Mr Basha.

I don't have any bad feelings towards the guy. He's just trying it on, seeing what he can get away with, which turns out to be rather a lot. He's not beaten or killed anyone, nor has he stolen, destroyed a family. He's probably a perfectly nice guy. The fact that he tried it on and got away with it isn't his fault. It's the fault of the people who let him get away with it.

We sre at the stage where the problem is still "us". If you like, it's still 1935, and the problem is Baldwin refusing to rearm because he's worried about the pacifist vote, leader-writers talking about "redressing grievances", liberal and socialist (with honourable exceptions) opinion condemning 'warmongers' in the British community while finding excuses for far more sinister developments elsewhere.

Without addressing that problem - the problem of 'us' - there's no hope of addressing other problems which grow rapidly larger and nearer. It could be, of course, that events of themselves awaken us. I hope not, partly because those events are likely to be unpleasant, and partly because by that time we may well be waking up too late.


Anonymous said...

Well said sir!


Anonymous said...

I naturally will not use any terms you find offensive on your property, or that act as a halter on what you're trying to do, Laban.

From afar, I have watched as the British have given inch after inch of their country away, and there are now large swathes of it occupied by a foreign and aggressive force - not least the minds of people who are now fearful of offending them.

And they are still advancing as foolish people parrot phrases like "Political correctness gone mad", as though shooting an arrow of truth into the heart of government and causing Tony Blair and Ian Blair to see a shaft of light. Political correctness is just a soft, inoffensive name for thought fascism. The British don't seem to be aware that they are under attack by their own government, who are of the very far left, no matter how they clothe themselves.

Personally, I do not "admire muslims who take their religion seriously" because these are the muslims who insist on women being veiled; who murder homosexuals; who pass sentences on women who are raped (unless in the presence of four male witnesses!) that they be stoned to death for adultery. Yes, there was one around three weeks ago, and the judge, who takes his religion very seriously, involved himself in how deeply she should be buried and the size of stones that passers-by should throw at her. His opinion was, not too small because then they wouldn't hurt enough. But not so large that they would kill her too quickly.

These and many other crimes against humanity take place every day in islamic countries by people who take their religion seriously.

What bothers me is, there are people over here who have been persuaded, by violence, to take it seriously as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laban,

I agree that it's not necessary to use derogatory words or comments on any blog. It shows a distinct lack of understanding and education.

As for the situation here, it seems that political correctness has taken hold of the country and we're not likely to recover any time soon.

But I think the biggest shock will be when we end up having the same problems as France is having right now, after having given preferential treatment to it's Muslim community.
French police union: Muslims are waging civil war against us

Anonymous said...

"The fact that he tried it on and got away with it isn't his fault. It's the fault of the people who let him get away with it."

Sorry, Mr Tall, I have to disagree with this. When he joined the police, he knew perfectly well what he would be asked to do - serve so, this country & its laws, without prejudice. He will, since that time, have been indoctrinated into 'PC' on various courses.

If he only saw an opportunity to benefit from this, without thinking that the rules applied to him also, then he is not fit for the service..

Martin said...


Firstly, my sympathy on feeling the need to comment on the lack of self-restraint exhibited by some commentors. That's why I don't have comments enabled on my own blog.

Secondly, it's not 1935. In respect of the clear and present danger that Islam represents to the British people, all British people, and the British way of life it is instead, say, 1979. In 1935 the enemy was without - in 1979 the enemy was within. By 1979 the British people knew enough and had seen enough of the enemy within to realise that things had to change.

The ideological nature of Islam means that we now need a Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher to come forth in opposition to it. Blair ain't it. Cameron ain't it. Ming Campbell ain't it. Nick Griffin certainly ain't it.

Who shall it be?

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. But your basic problem here is that 687 of your 700 regular readers absolutely and correctly refuse to share your weird-verging-on-just-chop-up-my-children-now admiration for Muslims who take their religion seriously.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

"The ideological nature of Islam means that we now need a Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher to come forth in opposition to it.

Nick Griffin certainly ain't it."

Why? He's the only Party Leader of the only Party prepared to fight Islam and SAY SO, so whatever else you think of the man, why isnt he suited for his particular job?

Anonymous said...

Mr Basha seems to have had a rather interesting wedding ceremony. e gets more interesting all the time.

Vote Franco (fdm) said...

Whilst I agree with most of what you say, I must, like Julian pick up on:

"The fact that he tried it on and got away with it isn't his fault. It's the fault of the people who let him get away with it. "

It is still partially his fault as morally, he shouldn't be trying it on in the first place. Of course I agree that having tried it on he shouldn't have gotten away with it, but this is insufficient to absolve him.

Anonymous said...

You know the BBC are pitching it wrong when it takes the Yazzmonster to come on to the 5 Live phone in just now to speak good sense about the veil issue.

Anonymous said...

I see your journey from Guardianista-know-nothing to sanity is not yet complete as indicated by your reflex to blame 'us'

In the words of The Specials
''People getting angry...''

Anonymous said...

I see your journey from Guardianista-know-nothing to sanity is not yet complete as indicated by your reflex to blame 'us'

I don't agree.

First of all when Laban blames 'us', the 'us' is Western Society in general. I think this is irrefutable. If the west was culturally confident it wouldn't be continually apologising for sins past and present, real and imaginary. For example it would not curtail free speech, in order not to offend because it would have the confidence to recognise that free speech is an enlightenment value that is objectively good. The West is stronger militarily and economically than the Islamic world - the problem is therefore not one of power but one of will.

Second, whilst it is true that radical Islam is an urgent problem for us, it is not the cause of all problems. It is important to recognise this distinction. Comments on the line of "muzzies" and "ragheads" owe more to xenophobia than rational discussion. Such talk will alienate potential allies (such as Harry's Blog).

AntiCitizenOne said...

"British have given inch after inch of their country away": Verity

No It's worse. The British taxpayers has subsidised the takeover of the country. The MSM have covered it up.

Anonymous said...


But what can "us" do when the major political party which should be espousing your sentiments has joined those fighting against "us"?

I agree that Nick Griffin is not the solution. The BNP is, after all, a socialist party with race rather than class as the motor of its ideology.

I sympathise with verity on this in that he implies - or I think he implies - that our tolerance of intolerance is being turned against us. Anything done in the name of Islam is apparently forgiveable and understandable.

I had always thought that it was only the French who acted as though "to understand is to forgive": now it's our leaders in Parliament as well as most of the other institutions of government (especially the police) who seek to understand and who, even if they fail to understand, forgive too easily.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:57 pm opines that employing derogatory comments about muslims "shows a distinct lack of understanding and education."

Au contraire, brave "Anonymous". Using derogatory terms demonstrates a much greater understanding and education in islam than you have at your disposal. Your comment tells me that you know absolutely nothing about this religion and its stated intentions. However, I am on my hosts property and I will abide by his wishes.

Martin - very well said!

Guessedworker said...

Martin asks "Who shall it be?" But it will have to be Nick Griffin ... at least we have to buoy him up in the polls as best we can so mainstreamers will be the more encouraged to take courage!

Griffin has travelled a long way, carrying his party behind him. It is enough to convince me that he is sincere and deserving of better than you bestow upon him in your comment.

Elsewhere, Derek Turner and his associates have commenced upon the process of hatching a new group from closer to the Conservative right. I don't know if, in time, it will emerge as something useful. I hope so. But for now every declaration for Griffin will only help the decision-making processes elsewhere.

Support him for that reason or for himself. But support him.

Anonymous said...

Comments like the one Laban has flagged up have no place anywhere rational discussion of the threats we face is valued. Now if it said "Jihadist Scum" I personally would be in full agreement.

The infamous "Moderate Muslim" still has problems and incompatibilities with Western Civilisation. But those iare quite different from wanting to kill and destroy us as the above mentioned group would like.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Guessedworker! Good to see you!!

northern monkey and others, I think the problem is between wishes and reality. The government, the opposition, people in the education industry, the police and so on - the establishment, if you will - want to believe that there is a mythical "vast majority" of moderate muslims in Britain who "are just as shocked as we are" by acts of butchery and primitive violence.

The reality is, there is no such moderate majority because a good muslim has it drilled into him/her from birth that the world must be made Dar es-Salaam. (The House of Islam.) End of story. This is what allah has decreed and they have that drilled into them - especially the boys, with five times a day prayers to this god (!). This is the direct word of their god. Dar al-Harb (the house of conflict, or chaos - in other words, us) must be conquered and turned into dar es-Salaam.

Failure to understand this, as the establishment clearly does - or turning a blind eye to it because it is too horrendous to credit - is hazardous to the health of advanced Western civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Europe is beginning to resist.

Let's hope so.

Martin said...


Many of Laban's readers might be unfamiliar with the name Derek Turner; however I am not.

Anyone who quotes his name approvingly should know that he is an Irish, not British,
national and;

1. Should be prepared to answer questions surrounding the circumstances under which Turner left the Irish Naval Service; and

2. Should know how Turner's Irish group the Social Action Initiative was sometimes described.

Griffin has not travelled a long way. He is still a racial nationalist, the follower and promoter of a profoundly wrong, profoundly false, unscientific and ahistoric ideology. His sort of politics have nothing at all to do with the reality that all people can become citizens provided they are properly educated in citizenship, its value and its responsibilities.

He is a white man's Omar Bakri Mohammed.

That we have produced him is as sure a signal of cultural failure as having produced Mohammed Siddique Khan.

Where we have failed is in teaching citizens the importance of citizenship; and although I would never presume to dare to speak on my host's behalf, I imagine that might be where Laban is coming from.

That is the British way, not carping about the Jimjads of Goomgroth or whatever other sort of hellsfire rubbish racial nationalists talk about on the discussion boards on 'Stormfront'.

Anonymous said...

martin - The British way is the way of appeasement. The British way is a silly giggle and a shrug of the shoulders and an, "Oh well, mustn't grumble." The British way is being frightened to condemn collaborators. The British way is to be afraid of ridicule.

The British have not defended their country because lefties, in their towering ignorance, would dub them "racists" and "little Englanders" (despite many of the people so dubbed having second homes in France, Spain, Portugal and other parts of the world and speaking the local language). Until the left revived it, I don't think I had ever heard the phrase "little Englander" spoken, although I'd read it in books written in the '20s and '30s. So dated. So tired. So bereft.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


Glad to see the illusion of multicultural bliss is alive and well. Or not, as the case may be.

The culture that has produced Nick Griffin is the one that embraces and endorses that illusion. Whatever else you think of the man (and granted there isnt much else of value there), he is the only Party leader prepared to deny that illusion and fight back against those trying to destroy our nation.

And go visit Stormfront sometime and do a search on 'Nick Griffin'. You'll find that they hate him even more than you do :)