Monday, October 02, 2006

More Demographics

As the borders remain open, new waves of incomers arrive, the natives emigrate and those who remain don't have babies, so the new demography of Britain becomes harder and harder to ignore.

At present the official line is 'nothing to worry about - natives still comprise an overwhelming majority'. We're still at the stage of deriding those swivel-eyed idiots who talk about "swamping". It's this official line, plus an understandable wish not to go looking for the uncomfortable facts, which enables a famous liberal commentator to reply to the questions 'Do numbers matter in the immigration debate ? Would they matter if they meant a major change in the ethnic composition of the country ?' with the answer 'Really, the question's not worth answering. The government would never allow immigration to grow in such a way'.

This is the answer in the public domain. And it may be our famous liberal commentator really believes it. But among those who see the figures, the equality wonks who are tasked by Government with maintaining good race relations, or "community relations" as they have become (when was the change ? what drove it ?), a kind of realism seems to be creeping in.

When I talk of realism, that's not maybe realism as the man in the street might understand it. It simply means that they can't ignore the statistics - as they have to build some kind of future strategy around them. I do wonder if that's what caused Trevor Phillips to announce the death of multiculturalism a couple of years back.

His recent speech to the Royal Geographical Society contained among the usual mantras a lot of solid, if depressing, stuff.

"Cultural homogeneity is a thing of the past."

"Half of all migrants arrived in the UK in the last generation and a third in the last decade."

"Whereas we used to assume that most migrants would settle in numbers in a few large cities we now see relatively small towns being settled by substantial numbers of foreign workers"

"More Brits are leaving the UK than at any time since the first world war. Some come back, but for every two Brits who leave the UK only one returns. However for every two new migrants who enter only one leaves. The result is that though the total population numbers may not rise hugely, the composition of the population changes. There are fewer familiar faces and more new ones."

"Looking forward, it is expected that the white ethnic group will grow only a little between now and 2020 due to continuing low fertility rates and smaller numbers of women of child-bearing age, and higher deaths as the population ages. Meanwhile, the largest increase in projected population by ethnic group is Asian non-dependents, from 1.5 to 2.5 million by 2020."

(I don't know how Trev squares this with the arrival of a million Poles, but let it pass. It may be the Poles are included (after all, all whites are the same, aren't they ?), which would mean a huge drop in the projected numbers of Native Brits)

"Our Parliament is absurdly white and male"

Enough - the point is that Trev is talking to demographers.

I'd never heard of Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas until I heard her on the news this evening. Turns out she's a City bigwig and also a Labour quangocrat, adviser to Ken Livingstone, and member of the Government's shiny new Commission for Equality and Human Rights. She's childless, so it's no skin off her nose if the beautiful theories go pearshaped.

She was on tonight's PM programme (RealAudio, about 50 minutes in until 5 tomorrow - I'll post an mp3 later), talking about women in City boardrooms (or lack thereof - I'll pass on her quaint conceit that mass immigration and lots of powerful women in boardrooms are mutually compatible objectives), but it was her forecast on "diversity" that was interesting.

"if you look at the dynamics of the workforce in the future, you're going to find that women and people from what are currently minorities, are going to become majorities in the workforce, with the population growth and diversity - so if we don't want to be dinosaurs and we want our companies to be dynamic globally, we're going to have to look for different sources of people coming to the top ..."

She's seen the figures. She's telling us.


Martin said...


It would be fascinating to know the what our dynamic and thrusting business partners in, say, Waziristan might think of Dame Judy.

I wonder how much we pay her to talk ths crap

Stephen Newton said...

I don't think the official line can be said to be 'nothing to worry about - natives still comprise an overwhelming majority'. That implies that officialdom believes that the ethnic make-up of the UK matters in the same way you do. Similarly your belief that liberal commentators believe, 'The government would never allow immigration to grow in such a way [as to change the ethnic make-up of the UK]' assumes that, fundamentally, they also think ethnicity matters in the same way that you do.

In fact many of us mock your belief system on every level.

Anonymous said...

Over 250.000 Poles settled in Britain 1946-47 many of whom were graduates of Stalin's camps after the 1939 invasion. Poles tend to settle in and have a good infrastructure of Saturday language schools, churches, and otherwise blend in very well...................a good role model for Muslim settlers in Britain.............however tribal politics of the Kasmiri village dominates Muslim identity in England

When Polish troops arrived in England in 1940 having regrouped and fought in France - they were put up in Scotland - that's why there are links to Scotland and that country has worse demographics than any part of England and very few Muslims

Noone thought when Britain joined the EEC that Third World immigration would actually increase - just the year before joining the 1971 Immigration Act had attempted to cap the numbers of who uncapped it ?

Anonymous said...

"...In fact many of us mock your belief system on every level..."

If you really think the ethnic make-up of a country does not matter I suggest you take an extended break in South Africa.

If you make it back unchanged you can carry on mocking...

Anonymous said...

Sadly Stephen it's misguided schmucks like you who will help bring about the collapse of Britain as you encourage millions to come here and tap into our welfare system.

Anonymous said...


I think you're joking. This woman does not actually exist: she is the Comrade Ogilvy of our times. You only have to read her potted biography in your cited Merrill Lynch webpage to know that such perfection of bien pensant chatteratiness is, literally, impossible.

Anonymous said...

Martin says: "I wonder how much we pay her to talk this crap.:

Do you? Then why don't you get off your arse and find out?

Anonymous said...

Laba? I meant Laban - sorry about that

Stan said...

Martin says: "I wonder how much we pay her to talk this crap.:

Verity said:
Do you? Then why don't you get off your arse and find out?

You can find out here

I don't know which of the almost 900 quangos that cost almost £125 BILLION every year she "works" in, but if you really want to find out what she earns, be my guest.

Demographics is one of the things that Mark Steyn has been banging on about for some time. The simple truth is that you can not take steps to address demographic changes. If immigrants give birth to 500,000 babies in 2010 and indigenous mothers only manage 100,000, the simple fact is that in 2028 the number of 18 year olds born to immigrants will outnumber those born to indigenous mothers by 5-1. You can't do anything about that and at that rate the indigenous population soon becomes a minority.

Anonymous said...

Stan - you/we can do something about it, its whether we are prepared to do it or not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:52 Precisely. And I think the British will comment national suicide rather than have a lefty go on TV and call them "ractist".

Isn't this what happened in PNG?

Anonymous said...

I don't know which of the almost 900 quangos that cost almost £125 BILLION every year she "works" in, but if you really want to find out what she earns, be my guest.

FACT: 900 Quangos DISPENSE £124 billion of Public Spending - ie. The Prisons Service (Agency); the Identity & Passport Office (Agency); the Courts Service (Agency), Environment agency; DVLA;

Executive agencies

An Executive agency is a public institution that delivers government services for the United Kingdom government, Scottish Executive, Welsh Assembly or Northern Ireland Executive. An agency does not set the policy required to carry out its functions – these are determined by the department that oversees the agency.

It would be helpful if people did not simply repeat newspaper headlines which have been spun

Anonymous said...

Stephen Newton - You may be 'liberal-minded' enough to think the demographics of the UK don't matter, but you can be assured that the other races care very very much, and are well aware that the scales are shifting towards them rapidly.

Over and over and over again in history, where you have different cultures living in proximity, they come to conflict. Group conflict is almost an iron law of human existence, and the likelihood of major ethnic conflict in Britain in the future is far higher than everyone holding hands and skipping through the meadows, embracing each other's magical diversity.

Of course, you old enough that you will probably avoid having to pay the piper when he comes calling. Your children won't.

Or are you you one of those childless lefties who are betraying our future so that you can feel good about yourself today?

Harry J said...

Personally I've had enough. The area I live in has already changed dramatically and it's only going in one direction. The changes haven't been for the best and already the local culture is changing in small but significant ways. I want to move, because I don't enjoy living here any more, but it's as if I'm surrendering. I'm ready to vote for any party with a strong immigration policy, including the BNP, but what else can I do? I try talking about it with other people but many just seem to shrug and ask what can they do about it. That is, the one's that haven't already left. Painting a picture of what the future holds seems to concern some of them but again the question is what can we do. I wrote to my MP expressing my concerns in purposefully mild language. The response was to liken my views to those of Enoch Powell's and casually dismiss them. Not a surprise I suppose coming from a member of this government. My eyes have opened and England, Britain, seems to be slowly dying. It's painful to watch here at the sharp end.

Anonymous said...

guardian apostate - Go and go now.

There's so much of the evil, hissing left scurrying and skittering down the corridors that I think they will get hold of Britain.

That giant, insane, mosque in London for the Olympics (which is also an insane idea) with room for not just a school, but "schools", conference centres, blah blah blah islamic blah blah blah - they never shut up - needs to be chopped off right now. Because it is the first sight people watching the Olympics will see. Blah blah blah multicultural blah blah blah blah peace submission blah blah blah fuckin' blah. Mohammaden crap. A huge, huge mosque dwarfing St Paul's Cathedral and Westminster Cathedral. And mohammedans on TV (I capitalise television) explaining, explaining, explaining in their deeply boring way.... Dear God (not allah) has there ever been a more boring, stultifying bunch of ignoramuses? They make the American southern Baptists look like Broadway.

We have to face the fact that mohamdennism -whatever - is an alien creed which wants to conquer our ancient civilisation. There advantage is,they don't have an ancient civilisation of their own - just that black meteorite in mecca where they all stampede each othe to death. It may be worse this year. inshallah.

Anonymous said...

Guardian Apostate - having sailed on one ship where the Guardian-readers were opening the seacocks to flood the ship...........don't be surprised if any other ship picking you up from this wreck views you with suspicion and posts guards on the seacocks !

AntiCitizenOne said...

"The response was to liken my views to those of Enoch Powell's" : Grauniad apostate

Have you read Enoch Powell's speech?

I now consider him a "Cassandra character" (correct but ignored).

Harry J said...

Verity, thanks for the advice. I suspect what I'll do is beat a tactical retreat and do whatever I can to counter the madness from there.

Anonymous, I don't think I can be accused of opening the seacocks. If I'm guilty of anything it's watching while others did. It was when I realised the consequences of that and that if it continued the vessel was soon to be flooded that I jumped ship. Nobody as yet has picked me up. I'm still floating looking for something to hold on to.

Anticitizenone, I've only heard the same extracts as I suppose many others have. I downloaded Enoch Powell's speech several weeks ago and haven't yet got round to reading it. I suspect when I do I'll come to a similar conclusion to yourself. The thing was that my letter to my MP contained numerous facts, observations and questions, all of which were ignored. My MP merely shut down the debate by insinuating, in his own coded way, that I was racist and that therefore my views were safe to be ignored. The liberal left feel uncomfortable engaging in debate as they're aware that much of the argument is not in their favour. One of the questions I asked was if he was comfortable with the fact that by sometime round 2016 the indigenous, white, English population would be a minority in the city. I take it from his answer he is.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I jumped ship. Nobody as yet has picked me up. I'm still floating looking for something to hold on to.

We're all swimming with you........

Guessedworker said...

Presently, Britain is a one party state whose elites are all of the same mind as Stephen Newton. There will be no salvation for us from that quarter. We have to fashion it ourselves.

As time slips dangerously by, how the elite treachery arose becomes less important than how we escape its consequences. We can ONLY get out of this, in the broadest sense, by escaping the endemic liberal zeitgeist. For it is liberalism and the prostitution of liberalism by minority interests (alas it is true, most especially organised Jewish interests) which have dragooned us, including our elites, to this immensely grave and worrying pass.

We will not save ourselves as a people unless we redeem ourselves first intellectually, and then politically from liberalism. It begins, then, with intellectualising our freedom.

I set up the group blog,, to try to do something within the intellectual sphere. It isn't a massive contribution, but it's something. I urge all of you reading this to consider how you, too, can contribute to our national salvation. If that means blogging or joining the BNP - who need more and more good, ordinary people to join them and bring their own personal talents and qualities - or some other form of activism, then do it. The worst thing is to leave it to others.