Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I think I'd try to be a tad more nuanced than the Dumb One, but I think he's got the basics right on this sad story.

Yep, it’s Mohammed Sarwar MP

My mind is open because at the end of the day we have to ensure what is in the best interest of the children, the mother and father and I'm sure they will listen to me.

Yes, we need to decide what is in the best in interests of the child. We need some kind of body that can make these choices, something like, ooh, I don’t know, a family court perhaps ? () .... here we have Mohammed Sarwar, sitting in our Parliament, making our laws, but when the law goes against a ‘brother’, suddenly that’s just grounds for more discussion. Heads they win, tails we throw again. Just don’t expect anyone is the MSM to ask him what he thinks of the grounds the father uses to justify his actions.
A UK court had, for good or ill, awarded custody of Molly to her mother. Mr Sarwar seems to consider that an opening position, up for amendment - and so far the Brit media agree. If only Molly's father had been an American religious cult member, her mother might have found more media sympathy.

From the moment Mr Sarwar announced his intention to fly off to Pakistan as an honest broker, I had a feeling he might play the role the same way that Idi Amin acted as an honest broker between the Red Army Fraction and the Israeli hostages at Entebbe.


Anonymous said...

Just another piece of hypocrisy I fear. So much for 'equality'.

Squander Two said...

Bollocks, in a word. Sarwar got his big break in politics by rescuing two Glaswegian girls abducted and forcibly married by their own family in Pakistan. In so doing, he unhesitatingly alienated a large proportion of the Muslim part of the Govanhill electorate, putting the welfare and wants and rights of those girls ahead of his own chances of becoming an MP. Many of the more, ah, old-fashioned of Glasgow's Muslims still regard the man as a traitor for interfering in a private family matter.

And it's all very well pointing out the decision already made in a British court, but in what way, exactly, is Mr Sarwar to enforce that decision? Send in the British police? In Pakistan?

He's doing what he can. Let's wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Why bring her back?

The poor thing is horribly ugly. She will never find a husband in this country.

Better she stays in Pakistan with the customary bag over her head (as well as the rest of her) and then she has at least a chance of getting married off.

Also Pakistan is a paradise for women, she will be so happy there. It seems cruel to drag her away.

Please can her father stay over there, too?

Anonymous said...

As an apostate, Molly's mum doesn't have any rights under Islamic law which is the law in Pakistan.

To understand how women are treated in Pakistan, just look at the obscene rape laws according to sharia.

Oh, and honour killing is legal over there...