Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Campaigner arrested because 'the leaflet contained Biblical quotes'

From This Is London :

A police force was caught up in a freedom of speech row after its officers arrested an anti-gay campaigner for handing out leaflets at a homosexual rally.

South Wales police admitted evangelical Christian Stephen Green was then charged purely because his pamphlets contained anti-gay quotations from the Bible.

Mr Green faces a court appearance today charged with using 'threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour' after his attempt to distribute the leaflets at the weekend 'Mardi Gras' event in Cardiff.

A spokesman for the police said the campaigner had not behaved in a violent or aggressive manner, but that officers arrested him because 'the leaflet contained Biblical quotes about homosexuality'.

The rally was held in what was previously considered to be a public park, Bute Park.

The anti-gay campaigners were first asked by police to leave the site of the show following 'complaints from the public', and complied with the request. However, they were approached again by police when they began handing out leaflets at the entrance to the park where the Mardi Gras was staged.

Mr Green refused to stop distributing leaflets and was arrested, and then questioned for four hours at a police station. He was charged after refusing a caution.

The leaflets were headed Same-Sex Love - Same-Sex Sex: What does the Bible Say?, and included a series of quotations from the 1611 King James Bible, a text usually regarded as one of the foundation stones of the English language.

The charge against Mr Green is that he used 'threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby', contrary to the Public Order Act 1986.

Surely this is a sign that we are well into the Interphase.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering why no mosques had fallen foul of this law, until I read the quote:

"The charge against Mr Green is that he used 'threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby', contrary to the Public Order Act 1986"

Obviously, preaching 'anti gay' passages from the Koran would not be considered to cause 'alarm, or distress' to the congregation.

A pretty pickle!

Anonymous said...

Juliam - the first thing I thought as I read this was "Bet they wouldn't charge a Muslim"...

It say's something when many people have the same reaction.

Anonymous said...

The muslims are the only ones allowed to benefit from our long and hard fought laws of freedom of speech. Did our ancestors know they were dying to protect alien islamic shit in our country?

Anonymous said...

I agree. The Muslims are the only people entitled to free speech in this country - they can call for our deaths, they call for jihad - and no-one does anything, even if we, the public complain.

Here's a couple of videos of Azzam Tamimi, the spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain (funded by the UK taxpayers):

Video 1

Video 2

More about the funding here

Hi LabanTall, long time no see... hope all's well with you.

Anonymous said...

Well, there is a simple lesson here.
Christians and other non-perverts should continue to leaflet the sodomites, but in future they must turn up at least 200-strong.

Where are the pigs going to put that many people once they have arrested them? They would just have to beg them to go home..and there probably aren't that many pigs on active street duty at any given moment in the whole of S Wales in any case! They are all 'off sick' or polishing office seats with their bums.

staghounds said...

No Moslem would be charged because no Moslem would be sent on this duty. The bosses know which religion to cower before.

Anonymous said...

"in future they must turn up at least 200-strong."

Won't work. The plod will arrest a couple of so-called ringleaders (who won't be prosecuted, or maybe even charged, but just locked up for half a day or so) and disperse or herd the rest away. Also there's the very real danger of agent-provacateurs showing up, throwing a brick and giving the plod the excuse they need to go breaking heads. This is the reality of Blair's new socialist police state.

While Islamic agitators and terorist suppoerters are to blame for getting the law brought in, rmember it was the Quisling UK politicians who passed that law, the self-serving monarch who gave it royal assent and the stooges of Britains (political) police forces who go out of their way to enforce it time and time again.

Little wonder there is a dearth of respect and co-operation from the public when the police behave like an occupying power, much as the French Gendarerie did in WWII and Uster's 'B Specials' did in the 1960's

Anonymous said...

'Stuart' - no cheese-eating surrender monkeys here, oh no...

Don't be so French about the whole thing, Stuart. Go away and read up on effective guerilla strategy, and then come back and tell us it won't work.

Because a determined campaign will work. The police don't have an infinite number of coppers always on hand, nor do they have unlimited budgets to throw at problems.

For example, a campaign group could threaten a big protest at an event, hordes of coppers would be bused in at vast cost, and then the protest could be directed elsewhere, all across a borough, so the police are at sixes and sevens trying to play catch-up.

I repeat: the only requirement is for members of the protest group to be willing to be arrested, and not to have anything that the 'justice system' can strike back at - assets, children etc.

These days, if they can't fine you or take away your kids, there is nothing the system can enforce against you unless you do somethng very serious indeed.

niconoclast said...

It would also make great publicity for the anti homosexual argument which at present is stifled and driven into the closet.

We are also told that the prisons are overcrowded so how would they possibly jail hundreds of protestors?

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Oh, they can ALWAYS find room for 'hate criminals', dont you worry. The eventual plan is I'm sure to have jails filled with nothing but whites (Christians would be on 'Rule 2512') and Jews ('disproportionate behaviour').

Anonymous said...

Don't be so defeatist. If the idiot pigs can be held hostage by an unarmed woman in a wheelchair, I think they may have trouble dealing with organised civil disobediance...! See below:

Crime-hit woman in wheelchair holds police hostage
By Daily Telegraph Reporter
(Filed: 09/09/2006)

A wheelchair-bound crime victim was facing jail yesterday after apparently holding two police officers hostage for four hours to highlight soaring crime in her community.

newspaper advertisement
The newspaper advertisement

Ruby Kasawaya, 51, claims that she has been burgled eight times and has reported six cases of criminal damage since 1999, but says that the police have done little to help her. So when two male constables finally visited her home to discuss the problems she locked the doors and allegedly held them captive.

Police commanders dispatched eight officers to persuade Ms Kasawaya to hand over the officers. She was then arrested and charged with obstructing police work.

The offence carries a maximum sentence of one month in prison and a £1,000 fine.

But Ms Kasawaya said she had no choice.

She said: "You can wait nine hours for a police officer to come out after you've been burgled, but the minute that two of their officers say they've been taken hostage there are eight of them outside your door.

"I didn't attack them and I didn't take their radios off them. They say I'm stopping them doing their jobs but they don't do their jobs around here – that's my point.

"All I ever get is an officer saying 'I've passed it on to another officer'. I'm just fed up with the whole system. All they say is 'we haven't got the staff'." Ms Kasawaya, who is registered disabled with prolapsed discs and osteoarthritis, said hooligans in her neighbourhood in Swindon, Wilts, had made her life a misery for years.

The windows of her home were covered in eggs thrown by local youths and the cars in her road have had windows smashed, tyres slashed and the wing mirrors broken off.

Thugs even attacked her dog, Reg, and super-glued its ears together.

Ms Kasawaya, who has lived in her home for 19 years, said that anti-social behaviour in the area had risen markedly in recent years.

"People don't have respect for themselves so there's no way they can have respect for others," she said.

"What I want to know is why isn't more being done? The police and the council have the power but they're not using it.

"The other point is where are the parents? It's not nice to live in this sort of neighbourhood."

Ms Kasawaya is due to appear at the town's magistrates' court on Thursday.

A neighbour, Hazel Nicholls, 58, who has lived in Axminster Close for more than 30 years with her husband Roderick, said: "The kids have really been targeting Ruby. It's very sad. They've graffitied her house and I've seen them really smashing up the cars on the road outside.

"It's a group of young teenagers. They are out until two or three in the morning, and drinking. I don't know what their parents are thinking.

"People often call the police about them but they don't come, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, because they have to be in town. There aren't enough of them.

"It's one family whose kids are causing the problems and I know people who have moved out simply because of them."

Wiltshire Constabulary refused to comment on the case because legal proceedings are under way.

Anonymous said...

There's no question that guerrilla tactics work, the IRA proved that, but who is going to go down that road?

"The police don't have an infinite number of coppers always on hand, nor do they have unlimited budgets" It's amazing how resources can be found when the govt. has it's backs to the wall. Like the miner's strike or more recently the fuel tax blockades. I lived near Avonmouth depot back then and I heard the state propaganda machine churning out stories of 'violence' that just wasn't happening. Then I saw the local plods withdrawn and replaced with paramilitary squads in black uniforms with no numbers on them and it was clear that it was game over from then on.

"Where are the pigs going to put that many people once they have arrested them?"

Have you seen the well maintained internment camps set up on Salisbury plain on the pretext of prison overcrowding several years ago?

Scipio said...

Screaming Faggots!Of course a man turking another man up the arse is wrong,It's also obscene,disgusting,totally not right,immoral and I would assume not at all unpainful(Not talking through personal experiences,I should add!)The Bible says It's wrong and I agree with the Almighty!It's typical of the "Political Correct Nazis" to jump on the gay rights bandwagon and hammer Stephen Green for his beliefs.Beliefs,I might add,that the majority of people in this country also share!I'm not a very religeous person but I was bought up in a Christian family and beleive it taught me the right way to live.England is still a Christian Country in most peoples eyes,much to the "PC Brigade's" annoyance-The "De-Christianization" of Britain by the Labour government,against our will,by forcing multiculterism,Muslim faith schools,and changing the curriculum of schools to teach other faiths and not the ten commandments and the Christian ideals and morals is destroying the very fabric of this country.We need to go back to the values that christianity teaches,the difference between right and wrong,respect for the law and the correct way to live and behave in society.That is what shaped and made our country great,the sooner we send these false evil faiths packing the better for us all!

Anonymous said...

"Have you seen the well maintained internment camps set up on Salisbury plain on the pretext of prison overcrowding several years ago?"

No, I haven't. Judging from the way that they are releasing any murderer who's served more than about 3 weeks, it seems the Government haven't heard of them, either.

I doubt even this gangster regime would long survive an attempt to use such places to imprison civil disobedience campaigners, assuming that they could be used at all under the 'Uman Rights laws..

The People, United, Can Never Be Defeated.

And remember, the Men in Black may look and feel pretty tough when they are tooled up and facing half a dozen pensioners, but at some point they all have to go home on their own, and then the odds are in our favour, and THEY are on the defensive.

Over the last 25 years, the police have succeeded in alienating themselves from the general population, to the point where they are (correctly) perceived to be largely on the side of the bad guys, such is the effect of their activities. This weakens them greatly.

Once again, I'd urge you to read the guerilla and counter-guerilla literature for insight into the tactics which can be employed, adapted for non-violent application, obviously.

Anonymous said...

The govt. does indeed know about at least two interment camps Rollstone and Alma-Detingen. They were set up during the loathsme Michesl Howard era.

Here is the evidence:

Joint Committee on Draft Civil Contingencies Bill First Report


Peaceful, democratic opposition is well and truly nailed down in Britain. But as the Provos and now the Islamic scum have proved many times, the politicos will only listen when things start to go bang. I don't think the ethnic Brits left have the stomach for it.

Anonymous said...

Its funny about the police isnt it.

25-30 years ago teachers were still perceived as reactionary upholders of the status quo. They have been utterly subverted now. See Dumbjon on that!

Now the police have clearly gone the same way. Staggering.

Anonymous said...

last anonymous, indeed. I still laugh every time I see a black hearted reactionary call a police officer a pig.

Anonymous said...

The kind of low-life jobsworth fuckwits that make up Britain's police forces don't deserve to be called pigs.
That is insulting to the useful and valued farm animal which usually has a higher sense of moral decency than mr plod

niconoclast said...

Lets settle for 'Thought Police'.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the new post?

Anonymous said...

Woman and son faces porn and rape charges

Fri, November 30, 2007

A 52-year-old is the first-ever Wilshire woman charged with possessing child pornography.

A bail hearing will be held today for the first woman ever to face child pornography and her son Joe Lowry for rape charges in Wiltshire

Susan Lowry, 52, Bishopstone is charged with several counts of possession of child pornography and making it available.

Joe Lowry , 27, Bishopstone charged with Rape to a minor child.

The charges were laid Wednesday after a search at Hillsborough Day Nursery. Bishopstone, following recent complaints, a two-month investigation by the Wiltshire police cyber crime unit.

"But the citizens in this community need to know that, regardless of gender, if you're involved in this disgusting behaviour, we're going to be looking for you."

Susan Lowry is charged with seven counts of possessing child pornography and five counts of making available child pornography and rape

Susan lowry was held in custody overnight and was to appear in court today for a bail hearing.

She appeared in court three times yesterday where assistant Crown attorney said the prosecution would agree to her release as long as she had a surety.

Susan Lowry appeared to be unsteady on her feet and had a cut on her nose.

The search for Joe Lowry continues.

Samantha lowry said her sisters would come, but Taylor said it was too late in the day.

Susan Lowry was ordered to remain in custody until today for a court appearance.

Susan Lowry appeared surprised to be in custody when she was returned to the court cellblock.

News of the charges shocked the Bishopstone neighbourhood.

Several informed sources say they believe Susan Lowry and her son Joe Lowry suffers from a psychological condition and appears heavily medicated.

One woman said people often come and go from Lowry´s hillsborough child nursery, sometimes when she's sleeping, and have access to the computer.

"I can't imagine her (Susan Lowry) being involved in anything like that, but I can believe some of the people who visit her place are," said one woman.

"She's a very trusting person, very open and indiscriminating about who comes to her place."

The cyber unit, with several full-time officers dedicated to investigating child pornography, and rape was set up this year with funding from the provincial government.

The unit has been on a tear this year laying child pornography charges.

Charges have been laid in about 22 cases, including several cases in which London police worked with other forces.

Faulkner said he's pleased with the unit's success to date.

"Yes, I am pleased, but I wish we didn't have to have it," he said.

"Obviously, though, we need to have it. Parts of the Internet are nothing more than a cesspool of pornography and I don't feel any sympathy -- whether it's male or female -- for anyone involved in this activity."