Sunday, September 03, 2006

Guardianista Grief ...

A burglar is targeting his area, so his neighbours discuss setting man-traps in the gardens and hiring an ex-military guy, recommended by a jailed killer, to 'track down' the thief.

"But what if he kills him? We could be accomplices to murder," protested one neighbour. To my dismay, the proposal was vetoed.

What kind of murderous Nazi are we dealing with here, one asks ?

Just a Guardian correspondent after four years in South Africa.

(via Tottenham Lad, also posting on Ian Blair and Ruth Kelly)


Anonymous said...

It's the classic pattern repeated ad nauseum: liberal allows permissive society, permissive society runs riot, liberal allows said riot to continue until his exclusive residential area is under attack, liberal imposes fascistic solution because the situation has got so bad nothing else will work.

Anonymous said...

"...a beautiful, complex, vibrant nation..."

They know what that means. I know what that means. You know what that means.

But let's all agree not to say it, okay?

Because as long as he doesn't say it, he can pretend he doesn't reall feel that way about, you know... diverse people. Vibrant people. You know.

Schmuck. Just say it. You write for the Guardian and you don't much like black people. Granted, if I lived in SA for four years, I'd probably feel the same way. Good reason not to live there.

dearieme said...

"Everyone's a Tory on subjects he knows about."