Monday, July 24, 2006

See No Evil Part 827

From the BBC - "Man in court on abduction charge".

"A man has appeared in court charged with child abduction and sexual grooming over the internet.

Mehdi Boudjedra, 30, of Askew Crescent, Shepherds Bush, London, was arrested on Friday by officers investigating the disappearance of a 15-year-old girl. "

From Life Style Extra :

An illegal immigrant appeared in court today charged with child abduction and the sexual grooming over the internet of a 15-year-old schoolgirl.

Algerian national Mehdi Boudjedra, 30, a waiter living in Shepherd's Bush, west London, was arrested on Friday after the girl disappeared from her parents' Hertfordshire home last Wednesday.

The BBC. All the news we think you need to know.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the Times, Mirror, Guardian, This is Local London only tell you the news you need to know as well. No other major outlet seems to have covered it at all yet.

Unconscionable fifh columnists, the lot of them.

Good to see Biased BBC's rigorous, empirical investigation of "bias" carried over here.

Fair minded crusaders for truth investigating an important issue or lightweights running a blog for lonely conspiracy theorists with a persecution complex? Hmm.,,2-2283360,00.html,,-5970406,00.html

Laban said...

I take your point, which is well put. But it's not a "fifh column". It's 'unwitting and unconscious' selection of what detail to put in and what to leave out.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, the 'Evening Standard' carried the full story.

That's a pretty major paper for Londoners......

Anonymous said...

to be fair to the bbc (which is certainly not my default position) i checked sky text after reading this last night... and no mention of the guiy's illegal status there, either! i have to say, more than anything, i think this is shoddy journalism. how can the fact that he was illegal not be a point of interest, and public interest, and newsworthiness, in the current climate?
yours, puzzled of warwickshire.

Anonymous said...

Typical Lefty defence. They get caught bang to rights, but it's OK because YOUR A SAD LOSER!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

And thus was refuted the argument that forty years of monopoluy control of the institutions had removed the Left's ability to argue a point.


Anonymous said...

When we all get branded by the Regime we shall all be £100 lighter in our pockets but no doubt the Govt will give free ID cards to the undocumented so they don't feel unwelcome

Anonymous said...

It's not even likely to be 'unwitting and unconscious' selection of what detail to put in and what to leave out.

Clearly the majority of news organisations have taken a very similar feed in the absence of having their own reporters there, which is is pretty obvious from only a passing glance at most of the reports covering it.

No doubt, in the interests of a rigorous self-correction that the blogosphere is famed for, you'll post an update.

Laban said...

You'd have to be able to track the order, anonymous. Which news sources replicated which feed ?

I would expect the £3bn, tax-funded BBC to have MORE detail than a small indie news organisation. They should report the whole story - or they just pick up stories off the wires (like I do), in which case can I have my money back ?

The Guardian/Times etc are not funded by a compulsory levy, so it's up to them what they put in and leave out.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, Laban, you'll post a correction to the effect that there is no bias or selection involved....'s just that (in the opinion of 'anonymous') modern journalists are lazy, incompetent little parasites that merely feed off each other's press releases & don't do any actual reporting.

Except the 'Evening Standard' and others who, of course, did include the details of his immigration status. One wonders where they obtained that fact, then....?

Anonymous said...

Apologies, that last 'anonymous' was me - using the 'Preview' seems to have stripped my name out!

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrants doesn't mean terrorists. They just happened to find a better status and way of living in a country which wasn't theirs and in which we allow them pay taxes but not to get papers.
I used to know that guy, (he's an ex boyfriend of mine) and I just learned about all this story (I'm French). Although we haven't been in touch for years, I can't believe it... Please let me know if you learn anything new about it. Thanx.