Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sarf London News

How I miss the place ... I remember when I used to live there and came back to the country on weekends, I'd get off the train and walk six miles to the pub, savouring the knowledge that no one would try to rob me en-route.

Youth Groups say - 'give us the money - or else'

Muggers say 'give us the money - or else'

"The 25-year-old was with a group of friends who stepped in when two thugs tried to rob their mate in Bowling Green Street, Kennington.
The robbers are said to have issued the chilling threat, "We're coming back to kill you" before driving off and returning with a gun.
They then sprayed bullets into the crowd of up to 10 friends in a courtyard outside Lohmann House.
Police said the woman was lucky to survive the shooting at 5.35pm on Friday and appealed for witnesses."

Jenny Charmoy, 36, was on her way to collect one of her two other children from Fairlawn Primary School on Friday when she was hit by a car, and thrown across the bonnet before landing in the road.
Fortunately, she clung on to 16-month-old Olivier and both suffered only minor injuries.
The car, believed to be a red Fiat Uno, stopped briefly then drove off.

In a moving eulogy to murdered son Fabian, 18, Yvonne Ricketts challenged mourners to come forward with information on his death.
But her plea, reported in last Friday's South London Press,has so far fallen on deaf ears.
Police have yet to hear from any new witnesses since the service at St Stephen's Church in Balham.
And they revealed that up to 100 people are likely to have seen the shooting of Streatham shopworker Fabian on Easter Monday outside Battersea Bar in York Road, Battersea.

There are lighter moments though.

A senior town hall official may have been in the grip of sudden attacks caused by changes to his diabetes medication when he sexually assaulted teenage girls, a court has been told.

Sounds like his defence solicitor might be Rob Ross. Talking of whom, you can hear him defending his 'likeable idiot' client on the BBC Drive show here (Realplayer needed). 1 hr 50 mins in.

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