Sunday, February 19, 2006

Role Model

Live football on BBC - the post-match interview.

"Well, Micah Richards, you must be elated to have equalised in injury time"

"F*** it"


Anonymous said...

17 year old in swearing shock.

Role model? He plays for Villa

Anonymous said...

He plays for Man City.

Anonymous said...

there should be a tick box on a footballer's first contract.

Yes I'd like to be a role model. Like Gareth Southgate.


No thanks, I prefer to live like a human being.

Cayce Pollard said...

Give the kid a break. He's 17 years old, his second start in the first team, and he scored the equalizer with the last kick of the game keeping his team in the cup. He'd never been interviewed before, I'm sure, and he was grabbed 45 seconds after the match by Garth Crooks -- who he probably didn't know from Adam, unlike old farts like me -- and asked how he felt.

Give the kid a break.