Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No Children - Again

‘Why are you living in the West? Why don’t you go and live in Saudi Arabia?’ says Apprentice star Saira Khan.

Isn't that the kind of thing that gets you arrested for racially aggravated insulting behaviour ?

“I can say these things because of who I am,” she says. “Coming from me it can’t be seen as racist.”

Oh, of course. But I digress. I'll pass, too, on an education system that considers it proper to invite a speaker to school to undermine the culture of the home ("She tells them her life story and explains it is not necessarily their job to please their parents or to agree to an arranged marriage").

The point is that Saira, as Yazza points out, has no kids ("It must drive her family mad" - I do love Yazza). She is 35. She may be as integrated a Brit as ever sat in the smoke-free Dog and Duck, but she's not rearing a dynasty of integrated Brits.

Meanwhile, in Bradford there's no worry about a shortage of kids.

"Following initial migration and settlement in the 1960’s, Bradford has, over the last three decades, established a significant Pakistani population: in 1981 this community numbered 34,116 persons, in 1991, 38,059 persons and it is estimated that in the year 2011 this population will number 104,000 persons or approximately a quarter of the city’s population."

"Fifty per cent of this Pakistani population are under 18 years old."


Serf said...

Don't forget the abolition of Parliament.


Neil said...

Speakers "should" go into school to undermine the values of the home. The values of many homes need undermining. Schools should encourage things like reading, writing, arithmetic, history, science, thinking and something called education. All things that are fundamentally opposed to the values in many homes.

Saying schools should support the values of the home depends very much on what the values of the home are.

Being a parent does not give you the right to make your children the same as you, if what you are is intransigent, bigotted and essentially stupid.

Education should be there to undermine the values of the home.

Laban said...

Why is it that nearly every lefty in the known universe finds it impossible to spell 'bigoted' correctly ?

And I love the 'trust people' view - that the values of ordinary people need changing - that the State should confiscate their income and use it for indoctrinating their kids. Once upon a time the Left had a more optimistic view of working people's capabilities.

"Schools should encourage things like reading, writing, arithmetic, history, science"

Bloody right they should. Pity they don't.

DJ said...

Indeed, and the sudden swan dive in literacy rates and the like maps pretty well with the Educrats suddenly deciding that what schools really needed to teach was oral sex and ecofreakery.

If the government is so good at raising kids, how come so many kids raised in care end up in the gutter ? Sure, some parents do a worse job than the State could do, but if you were betting with your own money, you'd never lose money backing family over Educrats when it comes to overall performance.

Anonymous said...

Checked out Neil's site and yup, he is a fully paid up member of the Enemy Class!

Anonymous said...

Bridget Jones wants to get married and have kids, but there's a shortage of men who wish to be husbands and fathers.