Monday, February 20, 2006

More Racist Murder ?

Adloyada reports on the kidnap, torture and murder of a young Jewish man in Paris by a gang from the notorious Paris suburbs.

There are echoes of the death of 15 year old Kriss Donald in Glasgow, who was held and tortured overnight before being stripped, stabbed and set ablaze. The Pakistani street gang who kidnapped him had been driving around looking for a white person to attack.

Ilam Halini was imprisoned and tortured for THREE WEEKS before being dumped, dying, near a train station last Monday. The kidnappers used an attractive woman, who asked him out on a date, as bait. This wasn't, as Kriss Donald's death may have been, a spur of the moment operation. This was planned and deliberate.

The French State prosecutor says they may have attempted six or seven other kidnappings.

Hat tip - Stephen Pollard - whose Blunkett biog I'm currently reading.

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