Saturday, January 07, 2006

UK Births

I blogged a while back about the fact that one-fifth of babies born in England have foreign-born mothers.

Migrationwatch have done a bit more digging. Two-thirds of those babies have foreign-born fathers.

It could well be that a third of primary school children in England are now of non-Native British extraction. Only the Department for Education and Skills know (all State schools keep records of the children's ethnicity - just like South Africa used to) and they won't say, not answering my request for the information.

By the photo on their website the ratio might be 50% - with none of the hated white males in England at all.

DfES picture

Half of these mothers came from the Indian subcontinent or Africa. Civitas wonder what the implications of these figures are for gender equality.

It's OK though. As the Times reports :

But a spokeswoman for the Commission for Racial Equality said: "Migrant and ethnic minority populations are still below 10 per cent".

For the moment. Until all those hideous white oldies have died.


Anonymous said...

Should be available under the Freedom of Information Act

Anonymous said...

Now with leftist feminists trying to persuade white-brits not to have children while at the same time wanting to increase the number of young people by immigration to prop up their pensions we are witnessing the death of the English in England. We will be foreigners in our own land.

Only question is, are our government doing this intentionally? or is it a consquence of the government only having 4 year terms so they don't care what effect their policies will have in 30 years etc?
Personally I think they do it on purpose.

James G. said...

I recommend mass circumcision of native males...That's why the chicks are gettin' off with foreigners...

Anonymous said...

Just a perception but whenever any news programme does a story on education, and because all news programmws are Metro centred, they go into a London school. The vast majority of the pupils will be black/Asian.