Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bash That Bishop One More Time

The Bishop of Lichfield, Jonathan Gledhill, is a man with the right priorities, using his New Year message to condemn those evil democratically elected Western Governments.

It's so good that the church is giving the powerless a voice and saying the things that others won't say. After all, hardly anyone else is concerned about torture.

There's another Gledhill out there, one Ruth, Times Religious Affairs correspondent and apparently a believer in the theory that the Church Of England has been hijacked by Bible-bashing fundamentalists away from its historic mission - the 2000-year struggle for gay rights, traffic calming measures, universal childcare free at the point of use and needle exchanges.

Could they by any chance be related ?


Anonymous said...

For every CofE Bishop spouting liberal twaddle, it's not hard to find an RC Bishop doing the same. Here's Pat O'Donoghue, RC Bishop of Lancaster:-

"I’m led to question our response to that fear, our response to terror. Are we responding like-for-like and engaging in terror tactics of our own? We must be grateful to the Law Lords for their decision that evidence gained through torture cannot be admitted as evidence.

It has been a year when we have seen the migrant and asylum seeker frequently scorned as an unwelcome guest, often with great hostility. Yet these ‘guests’ are a welcome relief for our National Health Service where the abilities and talents of many migrants are enabling many people to receive the superb health care we all need."

Read it all at:

Laban said...

I have written elsewhere on this blog that the Catholic Bishops Conference makes the CofE look like Dumb Jon.
Fortunately they still have a few good men - mostly in Wales and Scotland.

Anonymous said...

"He said a record number of people had been to Lichfield Cathedral over Christmas and that may be because people sensed the world was becoming cut loose from its moorings in Christian values."

There must have been a few disappointed punters methinks:-)

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...


Having searched your site with Google, the overwhelming results for 'bishop' or 'church' are anti-CofE - the RC hardly gets a look in!

You call the dire Rowan Williams 'Rasputin'. What's your name for that sanctimonious prat, Cormac Murphy O'Connor?

Anonymous said...

Anti C of E?

Paul, you believe these current Bishops represent the C of E, its parishioners and its traditions?

Yes, RC leaders also rabbit on about 'Social Justice' these days.

But the C of E is more prominent in the English press, obviously.

Anonymous said...


>you believe these current Bishops represent the C of E, its parishioners and its traditions? <

Of course not; but other visitors to Laban's otherwise splendid blog might well make that assumption.

>But the C of E is more prominent in the English press, obviously.<

Perhaps; but focussing on the CofE here obscures the fact that all denominations are now infected with liberal assumptions, and this may well make right-of-centre, non-CofE Christians complacent when they should be opposing this tripe in their own churches.

Anonymous said...

And, again, Bruce, regarding
>But the C of E is more prominent in the English press, obviously.<

If the CofE's liberalism is so prominent in the MSM, does it really need so much exposure on Laban's blog?

Surely, in the blogosphere, we should expect more on the liberalism of the RC, the Methodists, etc, which the MSM tends not to cover, rather than the easy target that the CofE has sadly become?

Laban said...

CMO'C may be sanctimonious, but he doesn't look like a mad monk as Rasputin so patently does.

I'm sorry, but when it comes to PC disater zones the CoE and Methodists (whose leaders are a bunch of anti-semitic social worker types) take the crown. At least the left-footers aren't arguing about gay priests all the time (as they're trying to get rid of the (abusive) ones they've already got).