Saturday, January 07, 2006

Loose Canon

Canon Jeremy Davies whacking another nail into the hands, and into the coffin of the Church of England.

From the diocese that brought you this.

After Rev Stone announced the decision to go ahead with the operation in June, the Bishop of Bristol, the Right Reverend Barry Rogerson, said there was no ethical or ecclesiastical reason why the priest should not continue ministry.

Twice-divorced Rev Stone, who has a teenage daughter, said: "My agenda now is to return to ministry and serve the people of Stratton.

I'll let Barry say it for me.

UPDATE - apologies - North Wiltshire (incuding Swindon) belongs to the diocese of Bristol, not Salisbury.


Anonymous said...

While I nothing against civil partnerships as such, if the Canon Precentor is a practising homosexual, he is blatantly contravening the rules of the CofE, which require homosexual clergy to be celibate.

As for the trans-sexual priest, you are being unfair. Employment law would not permit him/her to be removed from his post, as women can (quite rightly, there being nothing in scripture or the early Fathers to forbid it) be priests in the CofE.

Anonymous said...

Employment law would not permit him/her to be removed from his post,

Does employment law apply yet ?

Anonymous said...

Probably in sex discrimination cases, yes - though not, I believe, if the priest was merely a priest-in-charge rather than a vicar.