Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Snouts In The Trough

Peers who say their main residence is outside London can claim an overnight allowance of £154.50 (per day - the basic state pension is £82 a week) for staying in the capital on parliamentary business.

So the thing to do is claim that your holiday retreat is your main residence and your main residence is a weekend pad.

New Labour unplugged reports on four porcine "Socialist" peers.

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Anonymous said...

Four? Yer avin a larf int ya?
There are 650 members of the Lords, and a similar number of MPs. Don't bother with the MSPs and Welsh Assembly members, or the Quango members, or the Civil Servants, or salaried Labour party functionaries. Just go back and see if you can unearth four of this lot who are NOT ripping off the public purse.