Saturday, December 24, 2005

Life's Little Ironies

Normblog profile of Antonia Bance.

What would be your main blogging advice to a novice blogger? > Be prepared for what happens when you blog about Israel, Fathers4Justice or abortion: Holocaust deniers, wife beaters and religious nuts come out of the woodwork.

What do you consider the most important personal quality? > Empathy.


Anonymous said...

As with all leftists she will not notice the irony, as empathy for them means compassion for their own agenda.

Im just guessing that when referring to religious nuts she didnt mean muslims....

Anonymous said...

Yeah and on her blog she now has a post Mary (mother of Jesus) was a teen age mum. Which is true but she wouldn't have been if the abortion crew had had anything to do with it. More irony.

She is a lesbian feminist, how the fk does that work?
Most lesbians I have seen look kind of manly, rather than 'feminine'.

I read her profile, this is the problem with the country its being run people who are totally absurd.
Unfortunately again this is a party you supported most of you life didn't you Laban?

Laban said...

I did, Dave.

Anonymous said...

And she is not one of these New Labour types or at least claims not to be, she is traditional Labour.
We are left with a Labour party full of very strange people indeed, a Conservative party that will sell whats left of its soul in a desperate attempt to win the next election, Lib Dems who are traitors they don't care about Britains national interest only Europe and the UN.

Who are we left to vote for? Green (commies), UKIP (I dont like one issue parties, BNP (I don't like the racism, but then again when Labour are supporting Muslim hate preachers the BNP don't look quite so bad as they used to).

Anonymous said...


Have you seen her photo? I think she's gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

She's not too rough, I'm sure I could manage something there...

Anonymous said...

Well I didn't say she was manly, I have never met her and its impossible to tell from a photo cause its also how they move, and the way they talk.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous? I just saw her photo. That woman's face would make a freight train take a dirt road.

She looks like a member of the 1956 Soviet Olympic shot-putting contingent.

Do people refer to her as the Tamara Press of Oxford Labour activists?

Laban said...
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Laban said...

This is the kind of thing that can put one off comments.

I don't read blogs for the physical charms of the writer - and anyone who does is wasting their time at my site (the author bearing some slight resemblance to one of those police 'if you see him, do not approach him' photos).

As far as I know, Ms Bance doesn't go in for criticising people on he grounds of their looks (ignore this if it turns out she enjoys Bush/chimpanzee comparisons).

While it may pain me a tad to stand shoulder-pad to shoulder with her, one thing the feminists got right was that it shouldn't matter whether she's a goddess or not.

And a gentleman does not abuse a lady because of her looks.

Anonymous said...

I've allways thought of Laban as a bit of a BOBFOC!

Merry xmas,

Rob R.

Anonymous said...

The problem of who to vote for only leads me to conclude no one- for the exact reasons Dave said. I am far right of the conservatives while not approaching BNP - whats left?

Anonymous said...

Pardon my ignorance...but what exactly is a BOBFOC?

Anonymous said...

...And don't mention the war.

Anonymous said...

Ive looked up BOBFOC:

Body Off Baywatch Face Off Crimewatch

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Laban. Been enjoying Christmas and just came across it now.

Lee's right, maybe my skills of empathy do let me down when it comes to religious nuts, though why he thinks I'd be soft on Islam in particular I don't know.

Dave, if you were to read what I write about teenage pregnancy (I do come back to it rather too often) you'd realise quite how inaccurate your comments are. Of course I'm pro-choice - PRO women making the CHOICE that's right for them, which may or may not be abortion. And on a pedantic point, I'm not a "lesbian feminist". The term refers to a particular strand of feminist thought, usually associated with the early 80s, to which I do not subscribe. I'm a feminist and a lesbian, amongst other things.

Thanks for your comments about my looks; I'm flattered. To put your mind at ease, Laban, I'm not fond of criticising GW for his looks - why bother, when his policies leave one so many open goals?

best wishes for the new year, everyone, Antonia

Squander Two said...

> Most lesbians I have seen look kind of manly, rather than 'feminine'.

And where did you see them, Dave? In Viz magazine, was it? Or were they outside in the real world, carrying convenient "I am a lesbian" signs? Or maybe they rush up to you in the street, gagging to tell you all about what they get up to in the bedroom.


Sorry to break it to you, but, schools of thought notwithstanding, if you're a lesbian and a feminist, you're a lesbian feminist, as well as a feminist lesbian. This is called "English".

Laban said...

Be fair, now, SQ2. Some sensible shoe wearers can look a little butch.

And I'm sorry to say that my body's off Fat Camp rather than Baywatch !

Anonymous said...

antonia: I read some of what you said on teen pregnancy, but not enough. Sorry.
Although I'm still against abortion (unless special circumstances) and I am not religous so I think blaming religous nuts for the controversy is not correct.

Squander Two: Ofcourse I get my opinions on lesbians from the real world (Jerry Springer show) thats why they are so realistic. thanks.

Squander Two said...

> Some sensible shoe wearers can look a little butch.

Yes, of course they can. I used to know one who was a rugby player. My point was that most of the lesbians Dave has seen, he didn't know were lesbians. He walks past them in the street every day, not realising. When he says "Most lesbians I have seen", he really means "Most lesbians who have made their sexual preferences known to me" -- through Jerry Springer or whatever other method. He need only consider how many of the people who see him he tells that he is heterosexual to realise what a stupid comment he has made.

One thing I do agree with Dave about, though: I'm an anti-abortion atheist. So's Christopher Hitchens, come to think of it. People like Antonia need to acknowledge our existence and stop blaming all anti-abortion feeling on religion.

Anonymous said...

squander: you are basically saying there no such thing as a gaydar, now sure I am not expert on the subject but I have no doubt that some people can very quickly identify sexuality. There are tell tail signs, not always but often.

Squander Two said...

> no such thing as a gaydar

Absolutely, yes. The only tell-tale signs are the ones that people choose to give, and a lot of people give the wrong signs accidentally. If you think you can tell whether someone's gay by looking at them, you're going to make a lot of mistakes.