Monday, December 19, 2005

Lighter than Light Blogging

So ... I'm not sure what the Lib Dems have against Kennedy. He's got them in a better position than they've been in since the 1920s. And if it's policy that's the problem, think again. The LDs success is a result of their being able to be all things to all men.

Cameron ... looks like the Tories are going for my Option b).

And talking of reflecting modern Britain - some places aren't like modern Britain and don't want to be. But as the good people of the Western Isles are finding out, cultural diversity ain't for the likes of them.

"Ministers are prepared to fly mainland registrars to the Western Isles to beat the ban on gay marriages imposed by officials and councillors in the islands, it emerged last night.

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Executive made it clear that ministers wanted civil partnerships to be available right across Scotland and they would use all the powers open to them to make sure this happened.

One way they could do this would be for the Registrar General to fly in outside registrars to the Western Isles - a move which would have the Executive's full support."

You can have any culture you want - as long as it's ours.


Anonymous said...

Who seriously gives a damn about 'gay marriages'? What is the big deal?

Sean said...

Dont miss this one! Beeb admits bias by ommision

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

What a crock. Like you said, cultural diversity is only for groups of people the Left like. If a gay couple from the Western Isles wants to get married on the mainland then they can go do that. But its not about gay people getting married, its (if you'll excuse the pun) about forcing a certain lifestyle down the throats of people who once upon a time could exercise a democratic right not to agree with it.

Anonymous said...

joe90, they are making a mockery of marriage. The Bride and Bride, its ridiculous.
I'm all for live and let live in private, but gay marriage is about forcing other people to recognise it, its about getting in other peoples faces.

Laban I read your Tory Option B again, well I must say again, the whole problem is all you crazy socialists fault. You supported the immigration policy for years with many anti-BNP (ie anyone who disagreed with you) protests now the Tories can't possibly win in Urban areas. Nice work.

Ken said...

It's not really gay marriage though, is it. It's not endorsed by any religious authority that would give it genuine weight. It's a means of long-term, stable couples getting the rights that for too long were restricted to them - rights to housing, inheritance and such like. It's a partnership recognised by the state. That's fine by me.

Anonymous said...

Hello there Dave! You wrote: "The Bride and Bride, its ridiculous."

Just ask 'em which one's the 'missus'!

I don't think it does make a mockery of marriage. Just because Elton John and whatever-his-name-is are getting married, hardly undermines my marriage.

What makes a mockery of marriage is the idea that it's alright to go screwing around while you are married, or that it's something you can just walk away from while you have kids who need love and guidance from two parents, not just one.

Also, I think it is good for gay men to see marriage as something they can aim for. It's got to be better than having crystal-meth-fuelled unprotected sex with a dozen strangers in one night in some nightclub.

Squander Two said...

I'm with Joe90 on this one. Marriage certainly has been made a mockery of, over the last fifty-odd years, by heterosexuals.

As for the Western Isles.... If the Government start tryign to force churches to recognise gay marriages, I'll be against that. But surely the job of a registrar is to uphold those bits of the law over which he has jurisdiction, not to pick and choose which laws he likes. You, laban, are rightly opposed to the police deciding that certain laws aren't for them. Same should apply to registrars. Would you have supported a London registrar if he'd started trying to perform gay marriages five years ago, with the full support of most of the people in his community? Or is this not really a local democracy issue?