Tuesday, November 08, 2005

More Christmas Light Shock Horror

From the BBC:

"A council may stop helping to pay for Christmas lighting displays because they are not politically correct. Waveney District Council in Suffolk says in a report that the festive illuminations do not fit in with its core values of equality and diversity".

What's worryinmg about reports like this is that they're starting to come from so-called Tory local authorities. It's an illustration of the prevalence of PC culture among council employees.

And here we see

a) why teaching is such a stressful job
b) what wimps we're becoming

"Our son's come home with a bruised arm"

"What ! Let's call social services and get the headmaster suspended"

I'll lay a pound to a pinch of poo that we have a chav-style family here. As the Policeman has often pointed out, there's no class of people more ready to shout for the police and social services.

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