Friday, November 11, 2005

I Was Going ...

To post about the proposals from Blair's Islamic Taskforce which can help us to avoid future suicide bombings, viz :

Change our foreign policy

More lessons in schools about Islam, doubtless giving a broad range of views ...

"developing opportunities for young British Muslims to be leaders and active citizens" - aka a bit of positive discrimination.

"a national campaign to increase the visibility of Muslim women" - doubtless to be led by this lady and her lawyer.

Sharia law to be implemented "Within five years"

Policies against Zionist oppression to be implemented "in a traditionally British manner"

Oh alright, I made some of those up.

But anyway, the Magna Mater Melanie has written the post for me.

UPDATE - Interesting Kenan Malik piece on Islamophobia, including this gem.

"Are you seriously comparing Polly Toynbee with Nazi anti-Semites of the 1930s?"

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