Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Voice Of True Conservatism

Alison Broom, Michael Portillo's political adviser for seven years, in the Indie :

On patriotism :

"I wonder now why anyone stays in cold, grey, Britain"

On sexual morality :

" .. enjoying the food, bohemian lifestyle and the novel joys of a beautiful toyboy"

On adulthood and responsibility :

"Life is uncomplicated and fun, with no pressures or big responsibilities. I'm free to move on and travel to new places whenever I please. Nothing now would induce me to swap this life for a return to a sensible job and a mortgage"

On the poor and social exclusion :

"I've traded in a beautiful 18th century six-bedroomed house in the Cheshire countrytside for a two roomed apartment with balconies in one of Seville's trendiest plazas."

What a tragedy Michael Portillo never became party leader. With an adviser like that how could he have failed ?

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