Sunday, May 08, 2005

Things Fall Apart ...

All is over. Silent, mournful, abandoned, broken, the Tories recede into the mists. Or something. Howard's resignation is IMHO not the best decision for Britain. The Tories had won England, and had only failed to get more votes nationally because of UKIP votes - people to the Right of the Tory Party . So a beaten army, but retreating in good order, with morale and weapons intact, fit to fight again - and suddenly the general chucks away his sword and announces his intention to retire to a smallholding and raise chickens.

A pity, as it looks as if Labour are about to say to Blair 'so long and thanks for all the election victories'. I can't wait for him to retire to a lucrative career on the US lacture circuit, though as Jon pointed out, the thought of Cherie becoming a judge is enough to make one tremble. They're losing votes to Muslim parties and the BNP, Brown's run of luck is about to end - why could not Mr Howard wait for these favourable factors to run their course ?

Until the moment I entered the polling booth I didn't know if I'd vote Tory or UKIP (after 25 years of Labour voting it's easy to skip from party to party once you've done it once - a bit like the 40something divorcee bouncing from one partner to another). The first time - Tory in 2001 - was the difficult one). In the end I thought I'd never forgive myself if the Lib Dems won the seat (they didn't) and voted Tory again.

Howard's departure makes me wonder if I made the right decision.

Nonetheless, as above, the political landscape is not very gloomy - and certainly not dull. Interesting times lie ahead.

PS - if Minette Marrin has interpreted Mr Blair's Sun interview correctly, the man deserves a Viscountcy at the very least upon retirement.

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Stephen Newton said...

Thanks for your comment to my No Votes to Right post – – to which I’ve replied. But while we’re on this I wonder if you’ll be adding the BNP’s vote to the Tory total for next month or whether you share Tebbit’s view that they are left-wingers?