Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Campaign For A Shorter Christmas

'Orrified by 'olly in October ? Nauseated by Noel in November ? It can only be a matter of time before someone, driven beyond endurance by 'Deck The Halls' or Slade, runs amok in W.H. Smith with a letter-opener or stabs 5 Poles or Slovaks to death in Lidl (three in the queue and two on the tills).

From darkest Gloucestershire a beacon of sanity flames forth - the Campaign For A Shorter Christmas.

Already receiving mixed reviews. As someone who loves tacky lighting displays I am in no doubt that this pdf ("your house has an offensively bright and elaborate lighting display. Most people dislike such displays, and it’s very selfish of you to impose it on your neighbours") is the quickest way to get your face punched short of pushing into the burger bar queue in front of a member of the Johnson family.

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