Thursday, March 24, 2005

Was The War Legal ?

Top headline on the BBC this morning and all day.

Quite frankly - who, outside a couple of hundred thousand Guardianistas, gives a monkey's ? And exactly when did the Left start being so keen on obeying the law ? The same people twitching about Iraq will doubtless be at Faslane or Aldermaston this Easter, trying to do as much criminal damage as possible.

I suppose as far as the left is concerned, obeying the law is something the straights ought to do, the left on the other hand refusing to be bound by bourgeois legality.

And this law. Who enacted it ? Who voted for it ? I understand the Geneva Conventions, agreed by a large number of governments in the 1920s. But where did this 'international law' come from ?

I don't remember this kind of mullarkey the last time we invaded and brought democracy to a dictatorship which had attacked several of its neighbours. I'll have to get the history books out.

Ah yes.

Mrs Malice Ahon (Lab, Halifax) - "Can the Prime Minister tell us why he declared war without a second League of Nations resolution ? Already over 100,000 innocent Germans have been killed."

Mr Jeremy Corbyn (Lab, Islington)- "It is surely up to the Polish people to liberate themselves. They will not be grateful for your imperialist help. It's all about lignite, if you ask me. This war is simply a pretext to secure the Silesian coal supplies."

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