Monday, March 21, 2005

Personal Family Matters - A Guide for Liberals

Hitting your significant other - bad.

Smacking your child - bad.

Starving your wife to death ? Well, as Terry Schiavo's husband so rightly said - it's a personal family matter. One really shouldn't interfere.

Amazingly this was the line taken by the BBC Today programme interviewer (RealAudio).

It was followed by a couple of related reports. As Britain becomes ever more civilised, and the dark days of the 1950s slip further and further from memory, so the number of assaults seems to rise. That's OK - just the inevitable result of disparities in our unjust society. But if the assaults are carried out by males on females - bad news. Domestic violence is creeping down the age range. I'm surprised we haven't seen a survey revealing that 100% of children with siblings have hit and been hit by them. Once that was called being a kid. Put it in the DV box and you have a major problem for society.

"This survey reveals a generation of girls, many of whom are growing up believing that aggression is an acceptable part of life" said an NSPCC spokesman.

If you watch Eastenders, so regularly plugged on Children's BBC, or Casualty, you'll realise that aggression is depicted as the ONLY way of dealing with difference.

The moral bankruptcy of the children's charities was beautifully illustrated by the Barnardo's spokeswoman asked (RealAudio) about her 'manifesto for children'. Her reply ("4th richest country in world .. one in four children in poverty"), apart from being based on relative incomes (meaning that if all UK incomes doubled poverty would remain the same), took zero account of the moral and spiritual poverty which produces cases like this, the attempted sale of a two year old girl by her underclass mother. Full report here, for 1 week only.

The couple can't be all bad though. They use the approved modern method of caring for a young child.

"She wakes up at 8. If you want to keep her in bed till 10 keep it dark," she said.

"She'll watch a video all day. Just put a video on. Any Disney video."

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