Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Well that was nice ....

a fortnight with no newspapers or TV, and only occasional radio. Instead - biking, walking, climbing, fishing, sleeping. I did find an internet connection in Brodick Co-Op (only 50p/hr with your dividend card) but didn't get the time to blog. House prices are at silly levels, but Arran is still beautiful, the sea still clear and you can see seals on the rocks as you drive into town.

Jellyfish in Corrie Harbour, Arran
Jellyfish in the clear water of Corrie Harbour.

So what did I miss ? The announcement of record levels of abortion, HIV infection and drug abuse - nothing new there. Still trundling down the broad and pleasant road.

The greatest excitement seems to have been the Mark Thatcher brouhaha, where papers like the Guardian, Indie and Mirror have been able to vent their hatred - a hatred based purely on who Mark Thatcher's mother was.

Isn't that a kind of racism ? As Churchill said to Hitler's aide "Putzi" Hanfstaengle in 1931, "what is the good of being against anyone because of their birth ? How can anyone help how he is born ?"

Mark Thatcher may not (or may, for all I know) be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but remarks like George Monbiot's 'too thick for anywhere else' are in Scott Burgess' phrase 'breathtakingly elitist'.

The Monbiot article tells us that "Africa, to the British upper classes, remains an adventure playground", and quotes the school and university of various upper-class individuals.

I guess Monbiot knows of what he speaks, and he certainly has the genuine upper-class hatred of the respectable working and lower-middle class, though his website is surprisingly reticent about his own school and university.

Doubtless mater and pater sent this horny-handed son of toil to the local comp followed by the polytechnic. I think we should be told.

The Indie's editorial on mercenaries is white liberal racism at its best.

"Black Africa is no longer willing to accept the use of white mercenaries to upset governments, however repellent some of them may be"

Just switch that around, say with reference to the Gurkhas and the French Foreign Legion.

"White Europe is no longer willing to accept the use of black mercenaries to upset governments, however repellent some of them may be".

Imagine that in the Indie ? I can't either.

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