Thursday, September 02, 2004

A Sensitive Tribute

To Paula Radcliffe - by Barry Beelzebub.

"Suddenly it all goes wrong. Ms Radcliffe, far from steaming home a league ahead, jacks it in just three miles from home after being dropped down to fourth place. Then the Beeb's commentators lose all sense of perspective.

"Poor Paula", they wail. "Fancy having to run over that hilly track in such terrible heat."

Well excuse me. I didn't notice it bothering the Japanese woman who won the race in style. Even worse, while the worthy winner is entering the stadium the Beeb, instead of honouring her triumph, are conducting a hasty post mortem into the Golden Girl's demise, who at this point is sitting in the gutter with snot and vomit running down her chin.

It's very shabby. Even my Grandad, who had little time for the Japs unless they were on the end of his bayonet, would have shown more grace. "

Hat-tip to Barry's discoverer - Mr Free Market.

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