Wednesday, September 01, 2004

And Another One

Readers will be aware that one of my hobby-horses is the phenomenon of right-on rebels or PC exemplars who, when the kids come along, up sticks from the vibrant multicultural melting pot of the city to a leafy, conservative area. May I present the latest recruit, one Jah Wobble, late of Public Image and full many another alternative musical project.

Five years ago, they moved with their two young sons from the East End to leafy suburban Cheshire. “I know the inner city, I know those estates, and it ain’t got no better,” Wobble says. “I wouldn’t like to be an old person living in Bethnal Green.”

Thank heavens he can afford to get out of the paradise he's helped, in his own small way, to create. Pity about the people who can't.

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