Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Time Has Come For Action ...

Well, I never. So Blair's Britain will shortly be arriving in a lane near my poor hovel. We already have the high rates of burglary, thanks to the twin phenomena of the local smackheads and certain families in the travelling community, we have the ethnic diversity (I gave a lift last week to a charming Polish chap who lives in a caravan on a nearby farm - along with twenty others (not all in the same van), from Romanians to Kurds, working for £5 an hour picking veg. Locals used to do it, but no-one on £5 an hour can afford to live in the sticks any more and the council houses were sold off fifteen year ago) - now we're going to get the CCTV cameras and the police driving too fast. All because of Bold Reynard.

Thank heavens my home-town newspaper's hunting columnist passed on a few years back. He'd turn in his grave if he were alive today.

Well, Tony Banks, Mike Foster and all. You've started something now. You've criminalised the most law-abiding community in the country. Enjoy.

Feudal overlord (© George Monbiot) gets his just deserts.

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