Saturday, September 18, 2004

A Couple More links ...

To the General Theory of Rubbish, which does exactly what it says on the tin, and to Fisky's group blog Gene Expression, a blog about genetics, ethnicity, culture, evolutionary psychology and all those things that PC people veer away from. The particular bunch of white male racists involved here - well, read their biographies yourself.

It's a fascinating subject but not one I'm obsessive about. In the nature/nurture debate there's room for both to have their influence.

I'm more of a culture man myself - for example the Brits aren't criminal because of their genes but because of their degenerate culture.

I'm bored rigid by the types (people who read Peter's comment threads will know who I mean) who witter on about IQ differences between races - interesting but so what ? Makes little difference at the individual level.

But I despise the people (alas, mostly on the cultural left and the usual suspects) who switch between total denial of genetic influence ('there is no such thing as race') and total subservience ('people are gay because of their genes') - depending on whether or not it fits with the line they're pushing.

Finally a wee smidgeon of racial stereotyping. Yesterday Radio 4 carried an item about Culloden which contained a fascinating interview (RealAudio).

Susanna Pommerening moved from Germany to Scotland after researching her ancestry (Scots grandmother). She is a postmistress. She also wears - full time - the dress of a Jacobite warrior - complete with sword or (sometimes) axe. If only there was a photo.

She may have Scots blood, but it takes a German girl to roam the glens fully armed ...

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