Saturday, August 07, 2004

Liberal self-censorship Part 847

Imagine a scandalous tale of adultery and murder centred on Europe's largest cathedral. The bishop has contracted a secret marriage. A canon is accused of having an affair with the bishop's wife, and making her pregnant. The canon is barred from the cathedral, as are some of his followers, while others are ostracised.

The canon is then kidnapped and beaten up, while two of his close friends are shot at and one is killed. The bishop is arrested and hundreds of Christians protest in the streets before he is released.

No one is convicted for the murder, but sixteen months later the man injured in the previous shooting is killed in a gym, targeted there deliberately because he never goes out without body armour.

This story would have been all over the BBC like a rash for the last eighteen months. You'd have been tripping over it. The Today programme would report live from the Cathedral. Bishops and religious writers would give their views. 'Is this the message of Christianity ?' we'd be asked. Every interview, no matter what the subject, with a senior Christian figure would include a question about it. Five Live would devote phone-in after phone-in to the topic. Mark Steel and AL Kennedy would write about it, deciding after much thought that Christianity was a Bad Thing. The British Humanist Association and National Secular Society would be asked to comment (and would also have to change their pants three times a day).

Strangely, none of these things have happened.

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Anonymous said...

cant belive what has gone on and its not main news. the media pick and chooses what to show. its disgusting. justice needs to prevail. i belive he is still active brainwashing others!! he should be stoped before 100's more like him become part of our british society!