Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A Few Late Snowdrops From The Curate's Garden ...

A while back I blogged on the parallels between the Gay Pride and Drumcree marches.

"The dispute centres on the desire by marchers to march along the mainly heterosexual Park Lane on their way back from Trafalgar Square, against residents' wishes."

I guess this had to happen sometime.

Elsewhere the Guardian is offended, as I am, by the decision to send Geoff Hoon to Gibraltar for the celebrations. Sending the man who is destroying the British Army will surely send the wrong signal to Madrid.

Apparently though, the Guardian thinks Mr Hoon is too militaristic and the Government is being "insensitive" by allowing a Minister to visit sovereign British territory. "Both sides agree on the aim of shared sovereignty", do they ? Latte drinking surrender monkeys.

Mr Hoon has a nice little earner lined up for the few remaining squaddies - it's Green Goddess time again.

If the Guardian's so environmentally sensitive, how come those annoying pop-ups on their site are all for cars ?

The death of Henri Cartier Bresson diminishes us all, as does the death of Dave Smith from Brierley Hill. But if I never see the kid with the bottles of wine or that couple kissing again it'll be too soon for me.

Lastly a mag I've not seen before - Freezerbox, a bit like an American Spiked. Lefty and cynical but intelligent. Neat stuff on Sudan, evolution, allsorts.

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