Thursday, August 05, 2004

Congratulations ...

To Harry, Peter and those chosen by the BBC as top politics sites. And a particular shout to Stephen Lewis, whose Sterling Times was one of the first sites to link to the Tony Martin campaign. Not exactly a politics blog, but about "the eccentricities of British culture ... about old and vintage radio, television, music and literature ...about Englishness and patriotism."

Of course the BBC's plugging of Bloggerheads has nothing to do with his 'I believe in the BBC' campaign. I believe in them too - they definitely exist. Pity he doesn't believe in the War On Terror ("Boy, all of this 'current and specific' terror intelligence has come at a good time, hasn't it? Another thing it does is that is eases the minds of those who may just worry about piffling matter like human rights... ").

If Tim Ireland's a Web God why can't I link to individual posts ?

British Spin is suicidal.

While we're on the WOT and human rights, the recent arrests have (surprise surprise) provoked accusations of 'targeting' and 'Islamophobia'. Again.

It does seem wrong to target Muslims simply because most of the major terrorist attacks are carried out in the name of Allah nowadays. It must simply be an excuse for the police to give free rein to their hideous racism. God, we are SO evil.

Whereas as far as I know the BNP haven't complained about this.

PS - well strike a light. Michael 'Bowling For Columbine' Moore has armed bodyguards.

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