Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Your Postal Vote Frauds Tonight

In Birmingham the Liberal Democrats are convinced that a Muslim party are attempting some kind of shimmy with the ballot papers.

"Political activists clashed inside a Birmingham police station over allegations of widespread postal vote fraud at the forthcoming city council elections.

Supporters of the Muslim-led People's Justice Party remonstrated with a Liberal Democrat surveillance team which had been attempting to gain photographic evidence of alleged mis-use of postal ballot forms.

There were no arrests but the incident highlighted tensions in Bordesley Green ward, where a third of the 19,500 electors have applied for postal votes.

With the deadline for postal votes passing today, the city council has revealed it is dealing with a recordbreaking 60,000 applications for the June 10 elections."

"Saturday's dispute followed Lib Dem leader John Hemming's allegations that PJP and Labour supporters have applied for postal ballot forms for thousands of electors without informing the person in whose name the application has been lodged.

He claims party supporters then track postal deliveries of ballot forms and seek to persuade recipients to hand them over unsigned, an allegation dismissed as "absolute lies" by PJP leaders.

On Saturday, PJP leader Shouket Ali Khan and several party members argued with the Liberal Democrats outside and inside Stechford Police Station."

In Oldham it's the Lib Dems getting the rough end of the pineapple.

"A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “He was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and theft of ballot papers.”

The spokesman added: “At around 8pm on Friday, May 28, two men called at a house on Queens Road in Glodwick and offered to look after the ballot papers for everyone at the address.

“The family handed over five ballot papers, before the two men left.

“The following day the family contacted the police to raise concerns about the two men.”

Liberal Democrat leader in Oldham Howard Sykes tonight confirmed Mr Hussain had been arrested."

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