Sunday, May 30, 2004

Random Photos and Nasty Video

The BBC is promoting National Vegetarian Week, which reminded me of a postcard I saw on sale in Missoula, Montana. The version I found on the Web seems to be aimed at the good people of Wyoming (Wyomians ? Wyomingians ?).

Roger Waite's site also features a couple of classic cricket shots - Merv Hughes warming up, accompanied by the crowd :

and Dennis Lillee bowling to a field of wicketkeeper and at least eight slips :

Adding tracking to the site gives stats on the pages people have come from. I'd never heard of and can't read Arabic, but this page speaks for itself. It also links to two video pages for people with fast connections and strong stomachs. At 56K I didn't watch either all the way through. While it's not good enough to say of the occupiers - 'we're not as bad as Saddam', I guess there's bad and there's bad. As Tim Newman's Royal Marine friend said "If I get captured by the Iraqis and the worst that happens to me is I am led around on a dog leash and p****d on, I'll be thinking "Oh, happy days!"

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