Saturday, June 19, 2004

Vote Fraud Update

I did wonder whether I'd be accused of racism, the worst crime a Native Brit can commit (and it's not even illegal - yet), when I suggested that among the glories of multicultural Brum were now the voting practices of the Indian subcontinent.

Good to see that in George Galloway's words 'I'm Not The Only One'.

"We've been cheated," said a Lib Dem councillor who had just lost his seat in Aston, the place he described as the "jewel in the crown" of his party's strategy. He said local bigwigs had come into Asian homes, pressuring voters to cast their postal ballots in front of them - insisting they back Labour. "This is the politics of Pakistan or Bangladesh and they've brought it here," he said.

Even better to see that the councillor accusing 'them' of bringing it here is one Ayoub Khan. Little things like that give me hope.

The liberal leader in Birmingham, John Hemming, has a vote fraud website which I recommend. Didn't realise he's been banging on about this for some time.

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